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The flavours of love by dorothy koomsoon

on April 15, 2014

I liked this book a gripping mystery it a rollercoaster book with lots of emotions turmoil and a loss of life the book reads as flashbacks about the day before and after .saffron and her daughter Phoebe have a secret they have kept between them but can they keep it now .

Saffron husband Joel was murdered 18 months ago and since that day saffron carry on with work and family life .she loves to cook Joel stated to make a cook book she now adding to it the Flavours of love it called .saffron not coping at all her daughter 14 year old and has told her a confession about the day Joel was killed they both keep it a secret but now Joel killer writing to her the letter are very chilling to read with very sinister tones to them.

My name saffron mackleroy and this is my story it only a matter if time for the truth about me comes out and what we are keeping back will be revealed.

The book get you hooked there a lot about phoebe in the book it very shocking a very goog story what phoebe done and with who ? 

Saffron a great character a fab mum you can feel her loss she trying to hold it all together her boss at work mean to her what is she hiding? 

Phoebe 14 years old she pregnant but who the dad? Her mum not getting mad she not understand her at all  her life a mess what should she done ?

Aunt betty a loveable old lady in her mid Sixty very funny her one liner are very funny a bit of lightness to the story 

The book a very good read 4 stars enjoy read pass on 


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