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my blog review for meet me under the ombu tree by santa montefiore

on May 25, 2014


I really like santa montefiore books i really like this one 

Sofia grew up in the middle of the Argentine Purina everyone loved her but her mother Anna
Anna seemed to love her boys more why ? 
She doting on her boys 
She could not see her daughter was having a passionate love affair 
She could not see anything sofia was doing or what was happening around her would bring heart ache to the family 

Anna sends sofia away when she finds out to Europe she is exiling her from the family her mum does love her 

Twenty year later a family tragedy calls for sofia to come home that love for all her family and friends has never died 

Sofia a bit of a tom boy she loves playing polo with her brothers all she want in her life is her mum to love her like she dose the boys 

Maria her best friend she want sofia not to love her brother it will cruise to much pain she hurt that she was never told of their affair so when sofia leave she hide her letter to her brother the will cause more heart ache in the long run 

The books a very moving story of kids growing up together the love affair should not happen they are to close 
Sofia never going to forgot what happen can she forgive her mum you do find out at the end why her mum different with her she did love her but she could not show her she was in to much pain 

The book pull you into the story it pulls you into the family life 
I did find the book a bit slow to start with but then i got hooked i really enjoy it 
4 stars read enjoy pass on

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