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my blog review for stolen by lesley pearse

on May 25, 2014

I had read most of Lesley Pearse books this one of my favour but i did love Belle to that was my first book i read by this author 

I would recommend this one to you all a very moving story it a nail bitting story very painful at time 

The book about a lady desperately trying to recover from her past and about trying to make sense of what happen and who she is 
A beautiful young lady Lotte is discovered half drowned on a Sussex beach 
Where is she from ? who is she ? Why she there ? What happen to her ? 
She can not remember what happen at all 
She got a very old fashioned dress on and her hair been hacked off you can tell her wrists and ankles have been bound together but with no name now can the police help her she can not remember any thing the doctors examine her he tell the police she recently given birth were the baby now ? Who on earth is she ? What happen to her ? 
The police have to put the story in the newspaper they need help fast with this 
Her friends recognise the photo they worked on the cruise ship together they want to find out what happen to her and why she was on the beach 
They will help to under cover Lotte life they do find she got some shocking secrets They have not seen her since they disembarked why did she not answer her phone or text them why did she not meet them the two friend under cover that her parents were not the best ones you can have 
The story it a bit violence in places you how could people be so mean 
The story got violence , rape , abduction it a bit shocking but you need to hear about what had happen to make the story work i could not stoping reading lotte been through so much 
In her life her friend help her to put her life back together she found a new man to help her she can put her life behind her she going to start again i could not believe what happen to her a shocking story but a very good read 
The book very good 5 stars great read one for my book shelf


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