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my bolg post for educting jack by jack sheffield

on May 25, 2014

I recommend this book to you all it took me back to my school days the music i loved fame was on of my favour show

The book written in such a way that you feel the characters are talking to you 

The year 1982 jack the head teacher at Ragley villiage school

Et was a new film out 
prince William was born 
leg warmers were a big hit we all love fame the kids from fame were vey hip then or i should say on tend now i think that what we say now 

We had a new 20 p coin out 

Nora was celebrates being in her coffee shop for 25 years 

Ronnie smith got a job at last

Krystal cause a concern in the school nativity play and jack got a big surprise for his own life
The school year going to be very busy 

I loved the school kids in the book they say some funny things the book talk about the whole village and the people that lived there 
i want to read more it was so easy to read i want to find out more about each character 
The book takes you back to the 80s all jacks memories are share with you 
jack tell the story’s so well it very well written and very enjoyable you get the felling jack loved his teaching years it a very nostalgic it left me want to read more 

If you enjoy ET you like now jack tells you about the film 

All the character are very like able and they seem to all pull together for the village events 
The book very well researched i really enjoy 4 stars read enjoy pass on




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