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my blog review call the doctor by ronald white-copper

on May 28, 2014

I was asked to do a review for this book the book will be published on the 24 April 

Any fan of Call the Midwife will like this book. Call the Doctor is the memoirs of Ronald Cooper-White, a GP who practised from 1910 to 1965 throughout both world wars during which he saw dramatic changes in medicine. He was a surgeon when he worked in the East End of London before he moved to Dartmouth in 1920 (was this 1920 or in the 1920’s?). He had very unexpected challenges for a young doctor, whether it was a grumpy farmer, a dentist to a midwife convinced she was being haunted. Ronald helps his patients the best he could from tv (is this TB?) to attempted suicides to premature births. In the world without antibiotics there was no cure for many diseases so life was unpredictable. 

The story begins in his school days, it tells of his student life. OMG, in one bit they need someone to try Nicotine poisoning on, he did not smoke so they gave him the rankest cigar to take to see what would happen if he did get nicotine poisoning and how they could treat it, thank good they do not do this nowadays.

I really enjoyed this book which was full of humour. The book was very well written the characters are so likeable, I’m glad his granddaughter Deborah White-Cooper found Ronald’s memoirs in a old trunk in a attic. A very good book which I enjoyed reading.4 stars i enjoy a good book to pass on


2 responses to “my blog review call the doctor by ronald white-copper

  1. Tanya says:

    I fancy reading this.

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