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my blog rewview for the french gardener by santa montefiore

on May 28, 2014

This was one of the first books i have read my santa and it will not be my lasted i really enjoy it i recommend you all look of for her books i loved them now i have read more now 
David and miranda move out of London to a county house with a idyllic garden but really turns out to be different from their bucolic dream . The family seem unhappy miranda and the kids are left a home while David is still working in London he only pops back at the weekends 
Miranda needs a gardener when a mysterious french man arrives on the door step he loves nature and he loves the garden as he working he slowly begins to heal the past and then present become clearer for him but who is he ? 
Miranda finds his secret cottage in her garden that was left as it was she founds a box that she keep the whole family are learning that a garden can restore the human sprit 
The journal she found in the cottage uncover secrets planted a long time ago but there one secret that can not be kept hidden any longer
I like now the book told you the garden was magical the kids love that about it 
Gus needs a father but his dad never see him to play with 
Jean paul got time for him Gus want him to be his dad 
Storm a cute little girl she loves all about garden she loves animals to she like to plant seeds 
The hairdresser troy a fab gay man he so funny 
Henrietta owns the gift shop she a lovely lady too 
Cates owns the cake shop 
They all form at small part of the village life which adds a bit of fun to the book You get pull into the village life the story take you back 20 years to when jean paul was young he tell you his part of the story all about the garden the house he love affair 
The book beautifully written each character so nice it compelling and romantic 
It will make you laugh i got draw in to the story from the first page a fab read i loved it 
5 stars great read one for book self

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