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my blog review for the traitor by kimberley chambers

on May 29, 2014

Continuing the brilliant story from THE FEUD…

The Mitchells and the O’Haras have hated each other for generations. Hatred exploded into a terrible family murder in The Feud, when Eddie Mitchell’s adored daughter, Frankie, fell in love with Jed O’Hara.

Now Frankie’s father is in prison, awaiting trial and she is pregnant, forced to live with Jed in a trailer on his parents’ land, dominated and bullied by his mother, who is intent on taking over the baby. Worse still, Jed is not the man he pretends to be. Violent, dangerous, heartless, he will drive Frankie to the brink and force her to plan the ultimate revenge.

But will she actually go through with it?

Another brilliant gangland thriller from the author of The Feud life doesn’t get any easier for Frankie Frankie Eddie daughter he the Mitchell main man i loved this book it a very easy to read book i could not but it down 
Eddie still in prison doing life 
His daughter now living with Jed this is causing trouble for both families Frankie is so unaware what Jed has done to her family but Jed playing with the wrong family he think it funny what he done to the Mitchell
He very much a wheeler dealer Frankie know he sell dodgy car but soon she see what else he been doing he tries to control her he not letting her see her family or do things she wants to do she can not have a life but he free to do what he like and with any one he like too 
Frankie plans to escape this life but Jed founds out she trying 
to escape and all hell breaks lose 
You get to know all the character more which is good Jed can be very unpleasant some part a bit graphic but that what makes the story so good some of the characters are funny which i like in the book the book very gripping it keeps you hooked right up to the end 
It got lots of twists and turns 
The o”Hara”s show you a insight to romany life 
The scene are set up so well you can see them in your mind 
This book just as good as the first i could not but it down i truly brilliant book both books are memorable to me i highly recommend you all read 


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