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on June 1, 2014


Product Description
Home, heart and family. Sherryl Woods knows what truly matters Shanna Carlyle loves working in her little bookshop on Main Street; it’s a new start and, for a jaded city girl, it’s nice to be at the heart of such a welcoming community. When Kevin O’Brien walks into her shop Shanna immediately recognises him as a wounded soul. She’s had far too much experience with the type. Although her head tells her she should leave him to his own problems, her heart reaches out as she sees him struggle with his role as a newly single father. Everyone knows the O’Brien family can’t help but meddle and matchmake at every turn! Then, just as the barriers are falling, someone from Shanna’s past appears. Confronted with a threat to their hard-won serenity, Kevin and Shanna face their toughest challenge yet – learning to trust again. Healing families, healing hearts. In Chesapeake second chances happen in the most unexpected ways.
I enjoyed this book is the third in the series about a small town called Chesapeake the book can be read as a stand alone but all the books are mainly about the same family members 
Kevin is just widowed i should say 18 months ago and he still grieving he trying to bring up his son but need his families help he not sure about his life any more what job should he do how should he be feeling now what can he do ? He a great character but i think his family were right to help him but they do interfere so much they try to hard to push him to do things her mum fab 
The other main character Shannah she just brought a shop on the main next to his sister flower shop it going to be a book shop she kept her past life from Kevin right till near the end she should have talk to him about what happen it would have made it better for them both they did belong together they both had a lot of emotional baggage that hinders them having a relationship but the made the book 
The book put across the importance of family i like the whole town settings the place felt real to me all the other characters are very likeable the kids were very cute you get pull into the family life 
Kevin parents are attempting to get back together this plot fits in well with the story 
I felt pulled into the whole book a good easy to read book very enjoyable 4 starts read enjoy pass on




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