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on June 15, 2014

Today i set out my little teashop all with pale lavender table cloths with small white flowers on i kept the cath kidston style with i like i got small lavender and white vase on the tables with lavender or white stocks which are now in season one of my favourite flowers i change a few of the 1940th posters around i put a few flower picture up which look very nice i like to do my shop different 
Today i going to be doing a cake testing day i been up since 4 makes all kinds of cakes for customers to try out i going to sell them for a pound each i done them all as cupcakes i got 
Chocolate& chilli 
Rosewater & pink buttercream ones
Coconut & choc 
Orange & passion fruit 
Shortbread with choc in the middle. I just hope they sell i like to try new cakes out i made all the girls 1940 dresses in pale colours a simple dress just short sleeve round neck fitted at top and at the waist it flares out with a net under the dress each has a small belt they going wear ballet pumps with it i enjoy running then up at night on my sewing machine they got two each a pale one and a dark one they all love them the dark one got spots on 
I also got today 1940 tea day it £10 a person i do a cake stand full of cakes and one full of sandwiches i do egg & cress , ham, salmon and tuna,cucumber
A big tea pot of tea or coffee a glass of wine at night time too 
Each person get a rose ribbon flower to take home what i made i put the shop logo on a small tag the teas are doing so well at the min i doing lots of party like this to they seem to be very on trend i got 40 people book in today so more may just come along we going to have a busy day to day i think i made most of food for the teas they are now sat in the big fridges out the back i do more later 
Oh i hear the door being push oh no it adam he one of my early birds he can be a bit wried sometimes he tell you how to make the drinks he orders his half and half latte he has half normal milk half skim milk with 1 shot of coffee 
Let me tell you about adam he not happy being in his flat all day so he out most of the day he walk round all the shop he eat or drink in the 3 shop around that you can get food they all know him 
Sometimes he can hurt your feeling with what he say to you and someday he suffocate you if stay near him for to long i have to do my jobs out his way 
Once he hurt emma one of my staff by saying to her your face looks bad she got spots she young she was crying out the back i had to talk to him but he just said it he did not mean any harm but he just said the wrong thing to a young girl he not very good a talking to people he alway tell you us in the shop are his only friends it so sad he alway brings the girls chocolate i had to tell him not to as the girl get worried he being to friendly with them i talked to him and he stopped that now 
He ordered toast and jam today too he got his paper so that should keep him quiet i hope for a while 
Next are the work man who work up the road at bt they come in most days for about 12 drinks to take away they girls like to serve them as they chat to them the girl have a bit of thing for a few of them 
Rita next to come in she looks very tired she most be on night again she work in the old people home up the road 
Hi rita how are you today ? 
I just ready for my bed after my coffee and toast i been on night ? 
Oh the ladies did not want to sleep last night they keep getting up 
Have you still got me and my mum booked in for are tea later was it at 3 ? 
Yes i have that time still ok for you ? 
I look forward to it see u later i just finish this then i be going to bed 
She only lives a few doors down the road 
She comes to most of the events i have in my little tea shop 
Oh here Louise she got lots of shopping bags Louise is the local gossip 
What she been buying now i wonder she alway shopping but she tell you she got no cash 
Come a look at what i got what do you think out of one bag she pull a long black evening dress with small gold jewels around the top it got a small gold belt with a big split up the side very Louise i think to my self 
Oh i love it were you going ? 
Oh wait look at my bag and shoes too out she pull a small gold bag and a pair of very high gold t bar shoes 
Oh i love it it very you i said 
I hope so i going to Barry’s sale man of the year do in the posh hotel neat quronton he may win so i spend at bit you got to look good in the photo she says and laughs 
That so her we will know what each one got on who what were was going on Louise will know it all She be in the here the next day tell us all about it 
I hope barry wins i say and walk away my first tea group will be here soon i say we talk late 
My first group of ladies are just walking in i got them up stairs as they is 10 of them i have set the table up i take a drink order for cold drinks i take up a few nibble for them to enjoy with their cold drinks I got a new very nice tea set for this group of ladies it white with pink flower on i did get two very large tea pots to match the cake stand too The table looks fab i lay the pink rose flowers all round the table for them to take home i just found out one of the lady 70 today that why there here so i go back to the cake stands a put a few small fireworks on indoor ones that just a nice touch i took a bottle of wine up to june who birthday it is today she loved it they are having a fab time they were having fun i got two staff looking after them i can hear lots and noise they seem to be having fun 
Back down here my cakes are selling well the chocolate & chilli doing well 
I had a busy day in my teashop today the ladies love the tea party a few book back in for next month 
I hope you enjoy my story would you like to hear more next sun ?




  1. That was very nice, I really enjoyed reading it! And can’t wait to read the next one!

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