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my blog review fan by danny rhodes

on June 20, 2014

I would like to thanks sophie for sending me this fab book to read 
In 1989, eighteen-year-old John Finch spends his Saturdays following Nottingham Forest up and down the country and the rest of the week trudging the streets of his hometown as a postal worker. 2004 sees Finch spending his days teaching in a southern secondary school, delaying the inevitable onslaught of parenthood. Leading inexorably towards the FA Cup semi-final at Hillsborough, the worst sporting disaster in British history, Fan glides between 1989 and 2004 when the true impact of this tragic day becomes evident. A book of personal and collective tragedy; it s about growing up and not growing up, about manhood and about what makes a man, and above all about football s role in reflecting a society that is never more than a stone s throw away from shattering point.
“When a football match changes your life forever “ 
That on the front of the book to me i think that sums up the book 
This book very good it not just about football it about how a game can effort you i think
The book about John life after Hillsborough in 1989
John was a the game he a big forest fan it now 15 years on and he struggling to focus on his work as a teacher and his life 
One of john mates was beside him that day he just had a call to say he dead he get on a train to go back up north to revisit his home town and say bye to his friend it may help him put his past right or it may help him make sense of his 
Present life it could help him to move on the book base is the impact of the tragic day that day still on he mind is alway at the back of his mind somewhere it a very emotional story it really will impact you to me the book the book talk or should i say you read from the soul and heart of fan who love the game
The quote from the book sum things up to me 
“You travel back 
You cant help yourself 
It all around you 
Its in your flesh and bones your blood 
Its in your heart and soul 
The past is the present
The past is the past
There indistinguishable”
You do get caught up with the story of the book you could feel what john felt going to each match you hear about the train going there the pubs what songs they were singing you could feel it all 
The book tell you how john trying to cope with his life it very intense and profound it hard to understand what a big impact this day had on john life but this book so well written you can see it all 
It a very heart felt read please not pick it up cause it about football yes it but to me is a about life how with cope ,how we see thing ,what we do in good and bad time now we pull together and cope we learn about are self about are friends we form a bond that there for life i think in the book you see john growing up to a man it got all about what life was like in the 1980 th 
A gem of a book i going to pass on to my dad and brother as they both go football they will love it

I got to say the leicester city and forest game he talks about i was there with my dad and brother it brought back that game to me the songs ect it makes you think 
A very good read a gem of book for you all to read enjoy it 
Born and raised in the East Midlands, the author of Asboville and Soldier Boy now lives in Canterbury. Rhodes book of personal and collective tragedy was darkly inspired by his first-hand experience of the Hillsborough disaster in 1989.


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