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my blog review for where memories are made by landa page

on July 4, 2014

Jolly’s campers are guaranteed to have a holiday to remember, but that’s not always easy to achieve thanks to the array of colourful characters who pour through Jolly’s gates.
Jackie Sims works in the general office and her ambition is one day to be in charge. But she never wanted her lucky break to come about through such tragic circumstances… While Drina Jolly goes away to help her family come to terms with their grief, she puts her faith in Jackie to keep the business running smoothly and Jackie is determined she will do whatever it takes not to let her down.
Despite her resilience and resourcefulness, Jackie can’t run the camp on her own and the abrupt, unapproachable temporary camp manager, Harold Rose, seems unwilling to help her. But she has an ally in fun-loving, red-headed receptionist Ginger Williams whose support she will need to help her through the turmoil, chaos and heartbreak that is about to come her way.
Following on from The Time of our Lives, Lynda Page’s nostalgic saga of fun, frolics and mayhem at a seaside holiday camp is sure to delight anyone who has ever enjoyed an English holiday beside the sea.
I got to say i have read all her books i live in Leicester where Lynda lived i know some of the places she writes about in most of her books 
This book is set about six miles outside of Mablethorpe Jolly”s holiday camp it were most family when for there holidays my mum talk about her holiday as a young girl at a camp just like this i seen lots of the old photo to read this book i felt i was there at the camp on my hols 
jackie”s one of the main characters she a very fun girl she loves her job at jolly she want to be in charge one day but that day comes sooner than she thinks cause their a death on the camp it makes the owners take a break 
Jackie going to run the camp but first she got to take on new staff i liked now Jackie sorted out the staff she was sent to help her 
Harold is a older man he meant to help her run the camp but he very shy and got no self confidence we do find out he can not talk to people he has a panic attack over this jackie try’s to help him as one day he open up to her to tell her his attacks so she set him very small task to get him a bit more confidence but in doing so she got to go on a date with the camps womanise she not very happy about this 
The new member of staff Ali he the temp she took on he a very nice man but what he got something to hide he never what to mix with the staff you can tell something not right with him i was so wrong it what i thought it was 
When you find out what it was you will be so please and happy for him i was 
Jackie friend Ginger she so funny she the camp receptionist and she loves her job and the camp so much she loves going out she all ways buying new clothes to go out in she also help jackie to run the camp she does love a good dance and a drink she likes s good night out 
They enjoy going to Skegness for fun night out they meet some characters along the way she supports jackie when she fall out with her mum 
The book got a few plots which are very good that run through the book and few twist and turns i not going to say to much as this is part of the fun of the book It very much what could happen in a holiday camp lots of different people lots of going on 
I was hooked on the book it very fast paced the book written in a very easy to read style it got fun,frolics and mayhem just what you think a good holiday camp would be like 
The book a fab summer book 5 stars i would read and keep 
Lynda Page was born and brought up in Leicester. The eldest of four daughters, she left home at seventeen and has had a wide variety of office jobs. She now lives on her daughter’s holiday park in North Lincolnshire.
Follow her on twitter @LyndaPage9
and like her Facebook page: Lynda Page


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