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my blog review for power games by victoria fox

on July 9, 2014

SEVEN INFAMOUS CELEBRITIES The most exclusive invitation of the year has been issued; the supermodel, the thief, the senator, the heiress, the paparazzo, the pop prince and the playboy board a private jet. Destination: paradise. SEVEN DEADLY SINNERS Someone is watching. Someone who knows the dark secrets and the wicked reputations lurking beneath their glamorous facades. When it comes to revenge, knowledge is power. Vanity, pride, lust, greed – whatever their crime… ONE PUNISHMENT FITS THEM ALL No one sees the plane go down, but everyone knows who was on board. Seven notorious passengers, on an island that does not welcome visitors. The challenge is to survive. Let the power games begin. 
I really enjoyed this book it a real page turner 
The book set in two parts part 1 we get to know then all part 2 the revenge the after math we have got seven very rich powerful people they have crossed paths at some point in there life’s 
it may have only been a brief second 
We got Kevin a pop-star he one of the top act of the minute he wanted every where he goes he wants for nothing he on top form at the minute he got the world at his feet 
He have to take pills each day they seem to make him very mad we are not sure why he got to take them he can not keep a girl he seem to have a few problems in the bed department he not sure why he gets so mad he got a very bad temper he calls the press he wants out of his pop style life it getting on top of him he keeps having very bad dreams about a plane crash i really like him he very like Justin Bieber today he loves his mum so much she his world 
Mitch was a senator he was a very powerful man very full of himself i did not like his wife they both have a few things going on in their life’s they just need to talk to each other more 
Jacob lyle was a women man he likes sex any place any where with any girl he very bad he hides camera to video it all he like to watch it over and over his world is very flash he loves dancing he loves the power he got over women he the playboy i did not like him much 
Celeste the thief where all her flash jewellery come from she seems to be a very rich young lady she seem to have a lot of power over people she a happy go lucky girl i say 
Tawny the supermodel she very beautiful she full of live she lives in the world of glamour i did like her very much she seem a very nice lady the press love her she alway at the top shows people lover her she the it girl of the moment 
Eve was my favourite character she was the paparazzo a very powerful journalists she was not worry about writing the true she would get her story she was not worried how she gets it she just will find out anything to get what going on 
Angela the heiress she was great i loved her character she the daughter of a very powerful hotel owner she made a deal with her dad so she could keep the hotel in the family name but at what cost to her she was in love with Noel from a young age they been through so much together but they can not be lovers her family will not let her 
That the seven main people in the book part 2 the best i was so hooked they are all in a environment they are not sure what going to happen or what to do they got no mod cons no possessions they just got each other can they pull together as a team or will they fall out with each other 
I loved that they got to work as a team they got to find food the got to kill the pigs that are around them they got to eat what they can get hold off 
Kevin has become a different man he grow up he change so much he more of his own person you get to see the real Kevin he found his feet i want to say more but i tell you the story if i carry on he just a great character i loved his mum she was so funny i loved how she pulls her life around too 
Eve is starting to see what she wants out of her life She hopes to stay alive to put it into plan she a very strong person but comes out a much stronger lady you could feel the pain she was going throw 
Angela help the group she tell them what to do she helps them all find them selfs she help them to eat the right food they got to pull together in this hot dense jungle she think someone or a who is watching them 
Celeste and tawny seem to hate each other they just fight all the time both try to use their looks to get what they want tawny i was sorry to hear about her life i like how we hear about their past life’s we got corruption , Greed lust, sex,pigs, alligators,sharks i just hope they can pull together i want to tell you more but you got to read the book it a really good page turner it very ,sexy dark, thrilling it got humour that will make you laugh out loud 
The first part the glamorous lives a fab world the second part a very hot dangerous world of the jungle I liked how we get to see what the jungle makes each one of them become we got see the greedy ness the gold digging the money making plans then we get them having nothing 
The plot got lots of twist and turns the plot jumps out at you i loved the whole book i want to tell you more of they story it just fab omg the end so good you all got to read it was to exciting to put down the sex parts in the book were written very well some did make me laugh the book just shows you that one fab invitation can charge you for every in a good or bad way people can work together in bad time the book fab

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