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my blog review for undertaking love by kat french

on July 10, 2014

Undertaking love – Kat French
“Try not to wheel any dead bodies across the pavement when the bride’s outside, OK?”

When Marla Jacobs discovers that the vacant shop next to her Little White Wedding Chapel is to become a funeral parlour, she declares all-out war on the new proprietor Gabriel Ryan.

With an army of loyal supporters, she embarks on a campaign to sabotage his reputation and livelihood.

But when she finally meets Gabriel, she realises just how much trouble she’s in. With his effortless charm and Celtic good looks, Gabriel begins to form alliances with her so called ‘loyal’ army and, reluctantly, she finds herself falling under his spell. And destroying him becomes the last thing on her mind…
Can you think of anything worse that a wedding chapel and an undertakers being right next door to each other in one little village? Well that is what happens in this story. Marla the owner of the wedding chapel is expecting a cupcake shop to open next door instead she finds Gabriel opening an undertakers. What bride wants to see a hearse on her wedding day or crying relatives? Or what widow wants to see a bride on the day she buries her husband? Marla along with her friends Emily and Jonny try their hardest to get the undertakers closed down and even involves the local paper. However along with all this there is some kind of connection between Marla and Gabriel and he is there when she needs someone to comfort her. They both find each other attractive but circumstances are against them.

There is also an affair and pregnancy in the book along with deception and jealousy.

I don’t want to say too much about the storyline you will need to read it to find out if Gabriel leaves or if there is ever a clash of a wedding and funeral. 

I enjoyed the book and liked a lot of the characters, Gabriel sounds divine with his Irish accent. The book is easy to read and hence would be a great book to pack in your suitcase for the summer. Hope you enjoy it as much as me. 3stars



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