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my blog review for i put a spell on you by kerry barret (carina book week)

on July 13, 2014

A touch of black magic….
For Harmony McLeod – Harry, for short – life is going swimmingly in Edinburgh. Her exclusive spa, specialising in ‘spiritual counselling’ alongside massages and yoga (read: solving clients’ problems with a little bit of harmless witchcraft) is flourishing… Until she discovers one of her employees dead.
This spells out real trouble – trouble that even a perfectly cast spell can’t fix because the person out to destroy Harry is using magic too – dark magic…
Luckily DI Louise Baxter is more than willing to go the extra mile to help Harry solve the mystery and she’s pretty easy on the eyes too…
I really did enjoy this book you can read as a stand alone book you do not have to have read the first one first again i love the cover of this book it fab 
I loved all the characters you get to feel you know them personally . I was hooked to the story i could not put it down it got lots of twist which made it a great read 
Harry the main character she a witch she owns the spa the spa a very exclusive they do spiritual counselling alongside the yoga and massages 
She a very strong character i really like her she going to use her witchcraft to solve the spa problems that seem to keep popping up one day harry pops into work to find star dead at her desk she could see black magic was use by the air round star it was not her heart problem that kill her it was magic she is so sure of this but why ? 
Lou was one of the police lady on the team she and harry seem to hit it off they become very close they are going to work together to solve the crimes that are going on in the spa 
Esme harry friends and flatmate she seem such fun she was helping xander to learn magic he seem very please to learn it all he seems to be a very good friend to the girls but sometimes when xander was around she acted so wired we are not sure why she like another person sometimes she could be so funny at times the book got lots of twists and turns you get pull into the story wanting to find more what going to go wrong next who doing it and why ? 
Xander a friend of harry they been friends for year now he seem to good to be true he alway there to help out he wants the spa he love to run it him self why he so keen on magic the three pull together to see what going on i just want to tell you more about the story line but i tell you the plot i love this bit of the book ” Most people don’t believe in witches or magic but i do i really do i cant explain why but i sure there is more out there than we can see . I can almost see just out the corner of my eyes “” That so me sometime i can see thing i not sure what but i can the book so good i love the whole plot a great fun read 4 stars read enjoy pass on 
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I Put a Spell on You (Could It Be Magic – Book 2) by Kerry Barretthttp://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00KDIBWKG/ref=cm_sw_r_udp_awd_eBQWtb1YSR9AA



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