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check out my book buddy author rebecca raisin

on July 14, 2014


Welcome to my page Rebecca and thank you for you time x 
What inspires you to read?
It’s just a part of me. I’ve been a huge reader my whole life and I would feel lost without it! Our power went off recently, and my phone and kindle weren’t charged. Of course, I couldn’t find a torch, so I lay in bed in the dark considering reading by candlelight, because I couldn’t sleep! It was strange to realise that I actually NEED to read in order to be able to fall asleep! Though usually I read for a few hours every night before sleep overcomes me! 
Which book of yours is your favourite and why?
Oh tough one! It’s like picking my favourite child! I loved Christmas at the Gingerbread Café, because I adore Lil and CeeCee, and the sequel Chocolate Dreams was a favourite for a while because of what happens with the girls that proves their friendship is so much more than it seems. But now I love The Bookshop on the Corner! The appeal of a bookshop, and the quirky personality of Sarah who daydreams about her books fluttering about…
Do you base your characters on people you know ?
No, I don’t. I guess there’s probably more of an element of me in some of them, rather than other people. And they’re usually based on how I envisage that character reacting to certain situations, and I try to make them all different. For example Lil the main character from The Gingerbread Café and Sarah from The Bookshop on the Corner wouldn’t react the same way of someone was to confront them. Lil is a lot more feisty, whereas Sarah is shy and introverted, so I tend to think of how they’d act in a certain scene before I write it.
Where do you like to write ?
I write at my dining room table! That way I have to pack up all my mess each day, which consists of notes I can never find and lots of empty coffee cups!
How did you get into writing? 
I ‘met’ another author online and he inspired me to start. I guess it had always been a dream of mine but I didn’t think I’d actually go ahead and do it! He gave me some great advice and I took some creative writing classes. This really inspired me and I instantly loved it. I still try, almost six years later, to attend writing classes, and learn as much as I can.
What advice would you gave novelist that wants to start ?
I would probably say start! Get a feel for your own unique style, and then try and write every day. If you can attend a creative writing class, do it! Or join one online. Also I’m part of a writers group and that has been one of the best things I’ve done for my writing.
Who inspires you to write ?
An idea will pop into my mind, and that’s it I am compelled to write! I’ll be folding washing or vacuuming and the ideas will spin through my head – I’ll makes notes but eventually drop the vacuum and begin writing!
What book did you love as a kid ?
I loved all The Babysitters Club books, and Sweet Valley High but a favourite was Melissa’s Ghost by Michael Dugan, and I found two copies of it recently for my boys when they’re old enough to read it.
Do you have a favourite book and why ?
I have so many! But one book that will never leave me is A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry. Not only is it complex and layered to perfection, it’s a story that keeps you guessing the entire way through. I get Goosebumps just typing about it.
What do you like to drink ?
I like sparkling water and white wine!
What books do you like to read ?
Anything! I love romance, chick lit, literary fiction, horror. I read a good mix of all genres.
Do you prefer book or kindle and why ?
I like both. I usually have a kindle story on the go and a paperback. You can’t read a kindle in the bath!
Can you tell me a bit about yourself ?
I live in Perth, Western Australia! I have twin boys who are like little tornadoes, but make me laugh more than anyone else. We are really family oriented, so we often catch up with the whole family every weekend. Usually around the outdoor table where all of us bring something delicious, as we all love cooking! I don’t watch much T.V! Once the kids are asleep I’m either on Twitter or reading on my kindle! I’d love to live in France, and hope one day that may be possible!

Thank you so much for inviting me here, Amanda Jayne! Xxxx
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I like to thank Rebecca so much for help out with this love your answers a big thank you x 
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  1. Tanya says:

    Enjoyed reading these answers. I need to find a creative writing class but not sure if good enough!

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