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my blog review for straight to heaven by michelle scot

on July 15, 2014

Mother, teacher, wanton she-demon
Welcome to my life. I’m Lilith Straight, Hell’s newest employee. Although I’m getting pretty good at letting the succubus inside me take over, life in Hell is never easy. Miss Spry is up to her old tricks. She promised to let me save my daughter from my fate, but only if I can tempt my next client.
That’s how I end up horns-to-halo with a guardian angel determined to rescue my next victim. To make matters worse, William Benedict, the hottest demon in Hell, is trying to undermine my mission with some temptations of his own…
Nothing is ever what you expect in Hell, but really I should have known that already!
This book follows on from straight to hell i have not read that book so this book can be read as a stand alone book 
Lilith got a new job as a seductress she was not sure if she could do it She got to stop a man from sending a package but someone with lovely blue eyes get in her way so she did not do her task she so worried now could she failed her task could her child get took away from her i like that she not sure of her powers she could change her weight , her hight she could be now the weight she all ways wanted to be in a idea world she now getting more confident in her abilities 
She loves her daughter so much and her niece too she now all of a sudden she got a new pool new clothes but some people can not see were this money coming from she will all ways stand up for her family and friends which was so nice to see you will laugh at some parts of the story it can be very funny it got a bit of mystery in there too which was good 
Grace her daughter so nice i loved her she was so sweet 
Williams i loved him he made me laugh so much he wants to sleep with Lilith she will never do that they are so funny together 
Mr clark likes William too he loves to be around him sometime Lilith use him by saying he going round soon so could her watch grace for her i think mr clark got a few secrets to hide i like that they all got to work on this seduction it will make you laugh can they learn from the mistakes they make can they work together to pull this task off the whole book very fast moving it good 
The book got angels , demons , heaven and hell it got plenty of laugh and loud moments lots of action the story ok it very easy to read i just not sure if it was my kind of book the plot funny 
I going to say 3 stars borrow read wouldn’t read again 
Buy on amazon 
Straight to Heaven (Lilith Straight series – Book 2) by Michelle Scotthttp://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00KDIBWJW/ref=cm_sw_r_udp_awd_1gvXtb0X9A0Y5 
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