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on July 28, 2014

French toast by glynis astie 
The book can be read as a standalone or you could read french twist first i read as a stand a lone the book very good i not sure why you want three weddings to me one more than enough to copy with 
Sydney married in a speed i think it was not very romance but now the worry has hit them big time now no money as louis has loss his job can they cope louis mum wants this big wedding in France she planning a week of it all louis keeps trying to keep his mum sweet but by doing this he making Sydney un happy his mum and dad will make you laugh i kill them i could not cope i have to tell them it so funny i want to tell you more but i tell you the plot you got to read it so good 
The last wedding Sydney want her special day her dad is big support i loved him he all way says the right thing he may say the wrong thing alot of the time but you will smile 
He was so good a the wedding i loved all the characters they just made me smile the funny things they do 
The book shows what it like to be a married couple the up and downs we all have in are life’s trying to cope with no job family and the weddings 
You will really enjoy this fun book 4 stars read enjoy pass on

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