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my blog review for liverpool angels by lyn andrews

on August 3, 2014

Liverpool angles by lyn andrews 
The blurb 
Born at the turn of the twentieth century, Mae Strickland is only a few days old when her mother suddenly dies. Her aunt Maggie brings Mae up together with her own children, Eddie and Alice, and the girls become like sisters. In spite of Mae’s unhappy start, life feels full of promise.
Then, as the First World War looms, everything changes. While the local men – including young Eddie – leave to fight, Mae and Alice train as field nurses. As they travel to the front line in the wake of family tragedy, nothing can prepare them for the hardship that lies ahead.
Yet there is solace to be found amid the wreckage of the war, and for both, romance is on the horizon. But it will take great courage for Mae and Alice to follow their hearts. Can love win out in the end?
I have read a lot of lyn andrews books and have enjoyed most of them i did this one too this book is very well written it got lots of shocks and upset i going to say it a story of love , families, friends and hope they all will all way be there for each other in good and bad times the friends grown up together i loved the whole story set before and after the war i liked that alice and mae volunteer to be nurse but they were way to young at the start when mae was born her dad was away at sea her mum beth died giving birth to her she got a bad fever maggie could not save her it was so sad she told her she would take care of mae which she did she was her mum she loved her just like her own but billy her husband was not happy he a very mixed up man he likes to drink alway in the pub he not happy maggie took on mae as she pregnant her self one day he just pack his things and leaves not telling any one 
Maggie i loved her she a fab lady she would help any one if she could she loves all her kids so much their her world she works very hard she was asked to be a money lender which she did to try to help her family by running this little business it seem to be going so well just now she making her own money from it i loved that we hear how tough thing were for maggie but she gets by some how but one day her boys say they gone to sign up to go to war she not happy they are her boys then one day she gets another shock about john and the girls now want to help out in this war she feel she losing her family 
I liked to hear about the girls doing the nursing we get to hear about how they were treat the soldiers before they go back to war or home after being in the hospital it very tough 
Mae a great young lady she loved her dad and maggie she worked so hard to get to wear she is today we hear all about what going on on the wards it most be hard to deal with the family and friends they will all way help and support each other 
Alice was young she looks up to mae she want to be the same she a bit more up front she will say what she thinks i loved now she deals with her friends being hurt 
Eddie was so lucky to be alive he worked so hard i like that him and his friends were so near each other
Billy was not a nice man we do get to hear his story too which was good
Jon was a good man he had worked on the boat to try to support mae and maggie i did like him it most have been so tough to come home and your wife and baby to find your wife had die he cope so well my heart when out to him 
Pip a american he works on the hospital trains i loved all the research in the book pip and mae become very close it very nice to here about it 
i enjoy all their story’s the book tells you a great story of the war but in the eyes of them all we hear 
the pain.joy and love the scenes are traumatic and very well written i loved they all pulled together in such hard times it a lovely story of the war such bravery from them all 
4 stars read enjoy pass on a great book to read i 
like to thank bookbriger for this book  


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