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my review for when fraser met billy by louise booth a gem of a book

on August 10, 2014

When Fraser met billy by Louise Booth
Billy the cat was rescued from an abandoned house. Fraser was a two-year-old autistic child with a multitude of problems when he first met Billy at the cat protection shelter. Billy purred, laid his paws across Fraser, and they have been inseparable ever since. Slowly but surely, Billy has transformed Fraser’s life. Fraser’s mother Louise has watched her son move from being a child prone to anxiety, tantrums, and sudden emotional meltdowns to now a much calmer, less moody four-year-old whose future looks a lot brighter. In their home on the Balmoral Estate, Billy acts as Fraser’s guardian–never leaving his side at mealtimes and bedtimes or whenever he’s feeling low. Their profound bond has immeasurably improved their lives and the family’s, and has brought them lots of hilarious and touching moments along the way. Like “A Street Cat Named Bob,” this story will touch the hearts of all those who read it.
This book is a amazing story i do think cat have a sixth sense are own cat seem to if i ill he will sat on me and follow me but any other time he Paul’s best friend he will be near paul 
This books a eye opener into the world of autism and the problems that it could bring to a family paul nephews both have autism and it very much how they were as kids it very hard to understand the difficulties of living with it can bring a simple thing like siting in the wrong place at dinner moving a toy can bring such unhappy ness the shouting then going mad it very hard to see but the rewards you get from the child are fab too the whole book got a very good understanding of asbergers and autism it very well written with such love Fraser got a few other things wrong too 
I loved the relationship between Fraser and his cat billy the cat seems to help Fraser deal with things he seem to calm him down help him do things he can sense if he ill it just a wonderful story to read billy has transform this little boys life so much the book written with such love and warmness from a mum heart 
Louise was a fab mum it was so hard for her to deal with all Fraser illness her understanding and determination shine throughout the book i just could not put it down i want to see what happen next it a page turner it just a touching story of a fab rescue cat and the bond him and Fraser form it will make you smile it was so hard on the family but they pull together to get the best for Fraser i want to tell you more but i love you to read it so good and so true the power of billy was amazing i love there to be another book so we could her more about Fraser billy and the family 
A GEM OF A BOOK I LOVED IT Louise Fraser mum had written a wonderful heart warming book this is her first i hope there lots more to come 
About the Author
Louise Booth is Fraser’s mother and a first-time author
You can buy on amazon 
When Fraser Met Billy: How the Love of A Cat Transformed My Little Boy’s Life by Louise Boothhttp://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1444769243/ref=cm_sw_r_udp_awd_Cs45tb1PHZ6GE


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