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the bee keepers daughter by santa montefiore a 5 star book my review

on August 12, 2014

The bee keeper daughter by santa monefiore 
The blurb 
England, 1932: Grace Hamblin is growing up in a rural idyll. The beekeeper’s daughter, she knows her place and her future – that is until her father dies and leaves her alone. Alone, that is, except for one man who she just can’t shake from her thoughts…
Massachusetts, 1973: Grace’s daughter Trixie Valentine is in love with an unsuitable boy. He’s wild and romantic, and in a band that might be going somewhere. But when tragedy strikes and he has to go home to England, he promises to come back to Trixie one day, if only she will wait for him.
Both mother and daughter are searching for love and happiness, unaware of the secrets that bind them. To find what they are longing for they must confront the secrets of the past, and unravel the lies told long ago… 
I loved this book i have now read most of santa book and i have loved them all they are just so easy to read you just get swept along with the settings you can see all the scene in the story in your mind it got love romance family war and lots of bees 
Grace the mum of trixie was a bee keeper daughter she had such a happy life in dorset with her dad she learn all about the bees how to care and look after them 
One day rufus a friend sat next to her and she talks rufus about the bees he put a bee on his arm 
Freddie also her friend he not sure of bees rufus and bee seem to becoming great friends one day she came home to find her dad had died in the back garden and Freddie takes over looking after her soon after they get married the book jumps forward into the 1970s and freddie and grace live in america their daughter trixe fall for a pop star called jasper her mum and dad are not happy about this one day jasper brother get killed and he gets called back to England he tell trixie he will call her to go over to england with him as soon as he sorted thing out on hearing about this grace gets a shock her pasted could now be catching up with her i loved now the book tell you the connection between grace and trixie not just mother and daughter i like that the book tell you both story’s of grace past and now as one story i felt like the character were my friends you got pull into the tale which was so good the flash backs are very well written it a fab summer book it just flows so well i loved it all 5 stars keep read again 
I like to thank net gallery for this book


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