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my blog review for me without you by Kelly Rimmer

on September 2, 2014

Net galley month book 2 
Me without you by kelly Rimmer 
A story of how love can break our hearts – and heal them. 
A year ago I met the love of my life. For two people who didn’t believe in love at first sight, we came pretty close. 
Lilah MacDonald – beautiful, opinionated, stubborn and all kinds of wonderful in ways that words could never quite capture. The woman who taught me to live again. 
My Lilah, who gave me so much, and yet kept from me a secret that she knew would break my heart. 
My name is Callum Roberts, and this is our story. 
Me Without You is a book to make you smile, bring you to tears and remind you to hold on tightly to those you love. 
This book so good but do not read out as i found my self laughing at it then crying at it . You will need a tissue . The book so well written it got humour, love , it all about life the whole book touch me .It a book that full of relationship circumstance and how we deal with them it a very gripping read . Kelly captures it beautifully with her write style it a real page turner it a love story of Callum and lilah it wrote so nicely The book will make you see how important life should be to us we all should live for now and should love and support each other all the time we should not take life for granted but we all do i love Callum he very much just into his job but now he trying to find out about how to enjoy life and let go . l like that they see the city they lived in for the first time i mean we can live in a town and not see the real town we live in we are to busy rushing around to look at things . 
I like that Callum and Lilah fell in love i like there relationship but what secret she holding back why is it so hard to be will Callum ?i want to tell you more but you got to read it 
To me this book about making the most of your time it about loving and caring for each other not matter what it a real page turner i would recommend it to you all 
5 stars a fab book read enjoy pass on 
I like to thank net galley for letting me read this book


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