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First we take Manhattan by Colette Caddle MY GEM OF A BOOK

on September 7, 2014

My next galley month book 6 
Identical twins, Sinéad and Sheila Fields, have always done everything together and so, after graduating in millinery, they decide to open their own hat shop. It’s a small business but thanks to hard work and talent, they build up a loyal clientele. Then one day a glamorous young actress buys one of their hats, wears it to the Baftas and suddenly success seems guaranteed.
But within weeks, tragedy strikes when Sheila disappears, and is presumed dead. After months of desolation, Sinéad is just beginning to come to terms with her loss when she is given new hope: there has been a sighting of her sister. While she is filled with excitement at the thought that Sheila might be alive, she is haunted by questions. Why would Sheila have deserted her twin without a word? After all, they had always told each other everything … hadn’t they?
A compelling, emotional story from number one bestseller Colette Caddle.
‘Caddle can whip up a tremendous love story’ Irish Independent
Well what can i say about this fab book . I have read it twice now i just loved it . I do love NewYork it my favourite place i been a few times now . The book about a family that have been torn apart . The story got love , mystery , secrets, romance ,family , NewYork and Dublin what more could you want . It got a lot of twist and turns It will keep you hooked
I loved the way the story was told i liked the setting of new york and Dublin
The family problems were told from most of the character point of view we get to hear their different takes on them it was very touching in parts and sad then fun in other ways to . You got lots of heartbreak , suspicion and a few confusion in the plot too . 
The family had lost their mum she drown when they were young their dad was so shocked and sad .A aunt came to stay with them she had a very sad life to but what was the dad hide from them ? 
Sheila one of the twins had just disappear her handbag and car were found on a sea road i not sure why any one would just leave their bag they was a suspicion of suicide it still hanging in the air now but why would she just do that ? It not like her at all 
She had it all a nice house and good husband . The hat making business was very successful why would she just go like that ? You will be wondering why i was i was just hooked on the story to see what was going to happen next it just grips you into it . Sinead not coping with out sheila the hat business they set up is now in a mess she can not run it right with her sister she losing sales she just not coping with life she finding it very tough all her life a bit of a mess she not sure what she doing .Max the brother steps in to help her i really like him he was a very nice guy he want to get this business back on top they were at one point the top hat makes a actress worn one of their hats to the baftas they were on tv in the new paper everyone know their name 
Sheila was the more serious one i think she was the leader she know what she want and she did it . The connection between the twins was very true i got friends that are twins they just seem to feel if something not right or some thing wrong just like Sinead did she did not think sheila was dead it was that bond they have it very special . The book told you the story of them as kids which was good to hear i was just hooked to hear all about them now and in the past 
Sinead was more outgoing i say but now she just feeling helpless she missing a part of her she got to get her life back on track i just wanted to help as if she was my friend that how the story made me feel one day a girl call krystie walks into her life i loved her she was my favourite character she was working in manhattan in a sewing shop she was sacked she got no money to pay her rent she had no choice but to come back home to Dublin
Sinead takes her on to work in the shop she was a very talented designer her eye for detail was just fab . She make all her own clothes they sounded so well made i can see her design in my mind i loved to hear about her designs.The hats she made were fab her and Sinead worked so well together they seem to bring out the best in each other they could make this business one of the best again . 
One day she see a photo of a lady omg she seen that lady in manhattan looking in shop windows she took notice cause she like her style 
Now the story take on the path to find her we got a few if and why . Who will help them ? 
The book so well written the plot just fab the story just flowed and you flowed along with it 
I like all the characters but i was not sure on a few i bet you guess who i mean ? 
Not all families are perfect the book shows you that all the family member play a big part in the book which i like .It a real page turner it will keep you guessing right up to the end but all the family secret do come out how do they cope with what they find out ? All family have problems we all pull together to sort them out it so touching a very heart felt read i got so emotionally involved in the story it just gripped me from the first page to the last 
I READ IT TWICE NOW JUST FAB ONE OF MY BOOKS OF THE YEAR I like to thank net gallery for letting me read and review this gem of a book 
About the Author
Colette Caddle lives in Dublin with her husband and two young sons. She is the author of the bestselling A CUT ABOVE, TOO LITTLE TOO LATE, FOREVER FM, SHAKEN NOT STIRRED (all published by Poolbeg in Ireland and by Hodder in the UK), RED LETTER DAY and CHANGING PLACES .
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Amazon link for book
First We Take Manhattan by Colette Caddlehttp://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00F8L5Z06/ref=cm_sw_r_udp_awd_6Ghdub0WNVGZE



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