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my review for paper swans by jessica thompson

on September 16, 2014

Ben Lawrence seems to have it all – the hot job, the flashy car, the luxurious apartment. But one tragic day in his past mars his future.
Since the events of that day he hasn’t truly got close to
He made a promise that love was the price he would pay for his mistakes.
When Effy Jones – a bright, ambitious charity founder – walks into the PR firm where Ben works, neither realise that their lives are about to be turned upside down.
Paper Swans tells of how love can conquer all, and how when everything is broken one person can help to put the pieces together…
What a fab book the main storyline is about Ben he someone with mental health problems the book shows you that people can hide things so easily 
They should not bottle it all up the subject was written with such knowledge and skill very well research too . 
Ben was a very success young man he got a job he loved he a high flyer in the company he got a very flash car which he loves He gorgeous everyone loves him but Ben hates him self so much he been hiding a tragic event from his past he can not get it out of his head it eating away at him he can not get it out of his mind . To the outside world he got a brilliant job a very expensive car a lovely apartment and lots of money what more could this young man want ? 
Ben not told many people what happen that day he has never dealt with it just bottled it up he can not bring him self to love again why ? 
Then one day Effy walks into his life (his work) she not idea about Ben past or his life she know idea what going on with him 
Effy was a lovely character she works 24/7 just like Ben does most of the time she a very successful young lady her work is fab can her and Ben work together? 
The story very good you get pulled into it . It will make you think about things .The book got love , family , work , charity work , illness and friendships 
They all seem to link into the story well 
I like that we got to hear all about Effy charity work it was great to hear why she set it up and why she want to help the small children in Uganda 
The book about two people falling in love the relationship does not run very smoothly at all 
It will make you laugh at some thinks they do 
Ben should have talk more to Effy about his work and what was on his mind i think 
The whole book very good the plot very good the issue are dealt with in a very nice way it will may you think about life i want to tell you more about the story but i want you all to read you will love it 4 stars read enjoy pass on 
I like to thank bookbridgr for letting me read this fab book 
Jessica Thompson is an author living in London.
Born in Yorkshire in the late eighties, she then lived in France and Kent, before moving to the big city she loves so much
Her very first ‘novel’, written in her early teens, is so old it was stored on a floppy disc. She spent most of her childhood reading her latest poems and stories to her long-suffering but inspirational parents, who encouraged her to continue sharpening her skills as a writer.

This passion for writing continued and flourished, and she eventually trained to become a reporter with the National Council for the Training of Journalists. She was a reporter for two major newspaper groups for six years, before working in charity communications and digital marketing while writing novels.
Jessica loves singing, running, eating out and spending time with friends. She is currently studying with the Open University.
To find out more you can visit Jessica’s websitehttp://jessicathompsonbooks.com/, her Facebook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Jessica-Thompson-books/251309534929956?fref=ts or follow her on twitter @Jthompsonauthor



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