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Edward’s soft voice came from behind me. I turned to see him spring lightly up the porch steps, his hair windblown from running. He pulled me into his arms at once, and kissed me again. His kiss frightened me. There was too much tension, too strong an edge to the way his lips crushed mine – like he was afraid we had only so much time left to us.

As Seattle is ravaged by a string of mysterious killings and a malicious vampire continues her quest for revenge, Bella once again finds herself surrounded by danger. In the midst of it all, she is forced to choose between her love for Edward and her friendship with Jacob – knowing that her decision has the potential to ignite the ageless struggle between vampire and werewolf. With her graduation approaching, Bella has one more decision to make: life or death. But which is which?
This is the 3 book this one was my favourite a real page turner for me i could not put it down 
What was going to happen next ? 
I felt Bella was a bit of a moaner in this book at times but Edward was so good a sorting her out. 

I enjoyed the flash backs in story about how the Cullen become vampires 
and the history of the Quileute tribe and the newborns were told so well i got pulled into the history sometimes i just want to shout at Bella she was very selfish at times Her character was very hardworking , she could be very brave at times but other she was not so strong 
When Alice did her a birthday party she did not seem very happy about it but she seem to like all the family and got on with them so well 
Edward back more in this book his character had grow more to me he could be very funny at time which i liked 
I enjoy seth character too he was a young werewolf that had come into the plot i enjoyed hear about him and the werewolf pack 

Victoria and her army bring a lot of action into the plot this book a lot more gritty and full on 

The who will Bella pick Edward or Jacob it still going on she loves them both so much i think she a bit mixed up 
This story has got so much suspense going on you just feel part of what going on 

Can the werewolf’s and vampires unite as one team ? Can they both stop this new evil that on it way to Bella 
Jacob a lot more dirty in storyline but by being that way it added more dept to the plot 
The voulturies are back expect Bella to be a vampire can Edward and Jacob keep her safe 

I want to tell you more but you should read the book again i felt that book or writing style has got stronger again 
I feel you should read the books in order so you can understand the intensity of the Bella and Edward story line 

All the incident and character make this a fascinating read you do get to hear so much more of the vampires life’s we go in so much more dept into each of the character each character has a very different personalities
Each character gave you a sense of danger all have a romance side to them

I like Jacob soul mate part of the book who was his soul mate ? 
Rosalie and Jasper were very good i just like the humour they had. 
It one of the best captivating stories . 
Alice and jasper relationship was so cool they seem to love each other Alice character was so clever that she could see the future 
All the character had a lot of emotions you could get so involved with them all they all had such passion and engaging way about them 

This book got so much action and fighting 
Victoria army and the new borns were causing havoc all over 
Do the werewolf and vampires join forces to protect the town and Bella 
I felt the film compliment the book perfectly what did you think ? 
You could very much feel the sexual tension throughout the story it book was very gripping read with lots of emotions pack in it the story is told in a very descriptive way 
The attention to detail is spot on it just a captivating read to me 5 stars my favourite read

TODAY SONG I USE TO LOVED THIS SONG DID YOU ? ( i had to add again cause he sings in the twilight zone just right for today ) 
Somebody watching me rockwell 


Time Warp – Rocky Horror Picture Show



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last day facts on halloween

Facts about Halloween on blog last day today i enjoy this week i hope you have too x 

Halloween is also know by other names:

All Hallows Eve
All Hallowtide
The Feast of the Dead
The Day of the Dead

Halloween in Welsh is ‘Nos Calan Gaeaf’.

Halloween is correctly spelt as Hallowe’en.

Which 1978 movie shares its name with the spooky 31st October?
– Halloween

Who wrote the screenplay of ‘The Exorcist’?
– William Peter Blatty

On which street was there a nightmare in the 1980s’ movie series?

Who wrote Frankenstein? mary shelly 

The owl is a popular Halloween image. In Medieval Europe, owls were thought to be witches, and to hear an owl’s call meant someone was about to die.


Day 6 question & answer time 
Which actor in ‘Ghostbusters’ was also a co-writer of the film?
Dan Aykroyd

happy Halloween to you all have a fab night




new moon by stephenie meyer my review on blog 5 stars

I stuck my finger under the edge of the paper and jerked it under the tape. ‘Shoot,’ I muttered when the paper sliced my finger. A single drop of blood oozed from the tiny cut. It all happened very quic
kly then. ‘No!’ Edward roared … Dazed and disorientated, I looked up from the bright red blood pulsing out of my arm – and into the fevered eyes of the six suddenly ravenous vampires.

For Bella Swan, there is one thing more important than life itself: Edward Cullen. But being in love with a vampire is more dangerous than Bella ever could have imagined. Edward has already rescued Bella from the clutches of an evil vampire but now, as their daring relationship threatens all that is near and dear to them, they realise their troubles may just be beginning …

New moon is the second book i loved it too . I do feel the writing is better in this book she got more into a style now . 

I still like Edward he handsome very much in love with Bella sometimes he could be a little bit frighting at times he wants to keep Bella safe he leaves Forks so Bella will be safe 
Bella world falls apart it very much a story about people falling in love and their love nearly destroying them 

Bella more friendly with Jacob in this book she see more of Jacob now are they becoming to close 
If you read the book or seen the film you will be team Edward or team Jacob both are great characters both are very deep both have their own life story’s to tell 
I felt Jacob become this mysterious boy what he hiding ? What he not telling Bella ? 
You can she that Bella likes Jacob too there seems to be a love triangle what heart ache this is going to cause 
As Bella and Jacob spend so much time together they seem to share so much . The love triangle was a very clever part of the book i enjoyed reading all about it . 
I think this book is told in a much faster pace it a very action pack read

I really just enjoyed the Bella Jacob part of the story to me Bella just has a obsession on Edward 
As the Bella Jacob relationship grows he not happy i feel that the book tell you more in dept what going on that can be showed in the film the character have more dept all are very strong . 

The Volturi add more to this story it was very interesting to hear all about them . Again this book just grabbed my attention 
The book got a good combination of tension and romance
The friendship and love part are so strong it just a great read
5 stars


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The twilight books are the books that started my obsession with reading again i use to read about 3 books a month but now i read about 20 i just love them all 

When 17 year old Isabella Swan moves to Forks, Washington to live with her father she expects that her new life will be as dull as the town.

But in spite of her awkward manner and low expectations, she finds that her new classmates are drawn to this pale, dark-haired new girl in town. But not, it seems, the Cullen family. These five adopted brothers and sisters obviously prefer their own company and will make no exception for Bella.

Bella is convinced that Edward Cullen in particular hates her, but she feels a strange attraction to him, although his hostility makes her feel almost physically ill. He seems determined to push her away – until, that is, he saves her life from an out of control car.

Bella will soon discover that there is a very good reason for Edward’s coldness. He, and his family, are vampires – and he knows how dangerous it is for others to get too close.

This is one of my favourite books i have read about 4 times now and still enjoy it . I love the films too .Paul brought me a Edward Cullen figure too which i love to go with my books . I have got the book in black which i read and a white box set with red edges i never took out the box i keeping them .i so sad . 

When you read the book you will get pulled into the story from the first page i was hooked .I really could not put it down 

Bella a girl that knows her own mind she was a fun girl she was very intelligent she could be very funny at times . She loved her dad so much 
Bella goes to a new school and she getting a lot of attention she meets Edward and this is were the fun begins 

Edward is about 17 years old . Bella seems to like him she can see and felt he was a bit strange but that seems to draw her to him. She now find out he a vampire but that makes her want to be we him more 
Edward family all have their own gifts 
Alice is a fortune telling vampire i really like her 
She was very kind to Bella
Jasper can feel emotions he was just so cool.
Rosalie she can feel things she does not like Bella she thinks she trouble will they become friends? 
Emmett he the strongest vampire he was the one they are seem to look up to 
Esme she a great mum but she only a few years older that other family members . She a fab character she keeps them all together and in line . 
Carlisle he the dad he a doctor he was such a strong character he was another one people looked up too . 
That very much the Cullen family you will just love them all . 

One of the other main characters is Jacob Black i just loved his character so much he was cool, handsome and so in love with Bella . Bella can not see it they been friends for every but what his secret ? What he hiding? 
I felt he pulled the story together so well him and Edward are my two favourite characters but who does Bella love both i think what about you ? 
You just get pulled into this story it was spine tingeing at times . Twilight has this unique blend of romance and horror .It will
Just capture your imagination and pull at your heart . The book got adventure . Romance it got lots of twist and turns who will she pick ?
I bet you all seem the film i like the book better you can feel the character more 
The book about first love
I recommend you all read it one of my favourite book of all time
5 stars 
Just a fab book for any one to read


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Stephenie Mayer”s day on my blog about all her


Stephenie Meyer’s life changed dramatically on June 2, 2003. The stay-at-home mother of three young sons woke up from a dream featuring seemingly real characters that she could not get out of her head.

“Though I had a million things to do, I stayed in bed, thinking about the dream. Unwillingly, I eventually got up and did the immediate necessities, and then put everything that I possibly could on the back burner and sat down at the computer to write—something I hadn’t done in so long that I wondered why I was bothering.”

Meyer invented the plot during the day through swim lessons and potty training, and wrote it out late at night when the house was quiet. Three months later she finished her first novel, Twilight. With encouragement from her older sister (the only other person who knew she had written a book), Meyer submitted her manuscript to various literary agencies. Twilight was picked out of a slush pile at Writer’s House and eventually made its way to the publishing company Little, Brown where everyone fell immediately in love with the gripping, star-crossed lovers.

Twilight was one of 2005’s most talked about novels and within weeks of its release the book debuted at #5 on The New York Times bestseller list. Among its many accolades, Twilight was named an “ALA Top Ten Books for Young Adults,” an Amazon.com “Best Book of the Decade…So Far”, and a Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year.

The highly-anticipated sequel, New Moon, was released in September 2006, and spent more than 25 weeks at the #1 position on The New York Times bestseller list.

In 2007, Eclipse literally landed around the world and fans made the Twilight Saga a worldwide phenomenon! With midnight parties and vampire-themed proms the enthusiasm for the series continued to grow.

On May 6, 2008, Little, Brown and Company released The Host, Meyer’s highly-anticipated novel for adults which debuted at #1 on The New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists. The Host still remains a staple on the bestseller lists more than a year after its debut.

On August 2, 2008, the final book in the Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn was released at 12:01 midnight. Stephenie made another appearance on “Good Morning America” and was featured in many national media outlets, including Entertainment Weekly, Newsweek, People Magazine and Variety. Stephenie headlined the Breaking Dawn Concert Series with Justin Furstenfeld (lead singer of Blue October) to celebrate the release in four major markets across the US. Breaking Dawn sold 1.3 million copies in its first 24 hours.

The Twilight movie, directed by Catherine Hardwicke and starring Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, was released on November 21, 2008. Twilight debuted at #1 at the box office with $70 million, making it the highest grossing opening weekend for a female director.

Stephenie lives in Arizona with her husband and three sons

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christmas wedding at the gingerbread cafe by rebecca raisin

You are invited to the wedding of the year!

Snow is falling thick and fast outside the Gingerbread Café and inside, its owner Lily is planning the wedding of the year. Her wedding! She never dreamt it would happen, but this Christmas, she’ll be marrying the man of her dreams – in a Christmas-card-perfect ceremony!

The gingerbread is baking, the dress is fitted and the mistletoe’s in place – for once, everything’s going to plan. That is until her mother-in-law arrives… Suddenly, Lily’s famous cool is being tested like never before and her dream wedding is crumbling before her eyes.

In the blink of a fairylight, the Gingerbread Café has been thrown into chaos! Lily thought she had this wedding wrapped up, but with so much to do before she says ‘I do’, can Lily get to the church on time – and make this Christmas sparkle after all?
Oh no this is the last book in the gingerbread cafe series i have loved all Rebecca books up to now and wow did i loved this one to. 

The gingerbread cafe is all ways so warm and welcoming i have felt from the first book that Cee cee and Lil were my friend i can see the set out of the cafe in my mind it just sounds such a fab place to work or to go for a nice gingerbread hot chocolate i want to work there
As normal i like that Rebecca writes about all the wonderful food . The gingerbread christmas tree just sounded so fab i just wanted to take a look at it . 

The wedding was going to be so fab but there seem to be so many ups and down going down anything that could potentially go wrong nearly did but this does not stop Lil and Damon 

Both set of parents bring to the story a bit fun , selfish ness and happiness. They are full of energy but have got their own idea for this wedding 
What going to happen? 

You just feel like you are part of this small community 
All the characters were just amazing i just love them all you may cry , laugh and smile with them 

Olivia you will love or hate her i not sure why was she not happy why is she set out to test Lil and Demon relationship so much . I just wanted to go mad at her 

Cee cee is still my favourite character she just a wonderful friend i just think she such a funny lady she so warm and caring she just such a great true best friend . This time of the year bring so much heart ache to her she was so strong my heart when out to her at times . 
We get to hear so much about Missy pregnancy the birth should be very soon but now soon ? 
We get to hear about all the other character too which i like 
Rebecca did a brilliant job of building up the tension to the whole wedding was just so good you felt the wedding nerves for them all . 

The book will pull at your heart strings . I just loved all the dramas 
You all got to read this book it can be read as a standalone book but i say please read all the other books first as you too will feel part of this wonderful town of Ashford

I like that Rebecca added a few new character ready for her next book 
The wedding day was just so emotional just like the whole book you all got to read to hear all about this wedding of the year 
I want to tell you so much more about the plot but i want you to read for yourself you will love it 
5 stars again a fab book enjoy reading for yourself 
I like to thank net gallery for letting me review this fab book

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When the Blood Moon rises, it brings chaos. It brings fear. It brings evil. 

Alexie Lambis (Lex) is a seemingly ordinary small-town girl with typical teenage problems: an overbearing mother, a crush on a guy way out of her league, and a best friend who gets into trouble like it’s her job. Having to single-handedly organize the Senior Class Blood Moon Dance has Lex convinced her life couldn’t get any more difficult. 

That is, until the Blood Moon rises. 

The rare celestial event triggers a thousand-year-old prophecy and opens the gates separating the human realm from the Nether—unleashing demons onto Earth. Demons that are hunting one thing—Lex. 

Lex discovers that she holds one half of the key to saving an entire race of immortals trapped in the human realm from Rhezden, the powerful Nether Lord who seeks to destroy them—and anyone who gets in his way. 

But saving them would force Lex to give up everything that ever mattered to her—her family, her friends, and maybe even her life. A high price to pay, especially since no one knows who holds the other half. 

When Lex’s best friend goes missing, she has to make a hard choice. A choice that would test the very limits of her courage. A choice that could make her a hero…or send her to her grave. 

Rise of the Known is a story about the rise of courage over fear. The rise of belief over doubt. The rise of a hero. 

*This is Book One in The Blood Moon Prophecy Series. Suitable for Young Adult, New Adult, Teen, and Adult readers. Some violence and strong language.

I would like to thank Jane for sending me her fab book to review for her . It jane debut book wow what a book i did enjoy it . I read it in a day it a compelling story. I got to say to say it was a YA novel but i really did enjoy it .

From the first page you get pulled into the nerve wracking plot. 
All the creatures and the lands in the book are describe brilliantly you could see them all in your mind .In the book you got moloch which are ancient demons , we got queens, prana and Rhezdem 

This fantasy world jane make up was so cool i just loved this quote”ive stepped into a middle of a fairytale ” well i got to say what a fab fairy tale this was . The book just exceptional and creative book . I really did enjoy hearing all about the magic ,runes, the spell and how they all worked 
The magic element were so good very powerful . 

The history of the creepy blood moon was so well told it was hooked to find out more about it . 

All the characters were very captivating i wanted to hear more about them 
Lex is the main character she a normal girl or is she ? 
The story about prophecy that was made years ago about a girl called the know and another person called the unknow both humans together they have such great powers . They are the only ones that can stop Rhezden
Rhezden was the queen helper but he did a really bad thing we get to hear all about it

Lex has now got to find her powers she being told so much about herself she can not take it in and she find her new life very tough you got to read to see what she doing this quote was fab to hear ” and i though only comic book superheroes were invincible” 

A lot of the book set in a library it had a old creaky dark wooden staircase up to the top floor books are in angels in sounded such a wonderful place i loved the mirrador world i just want to see this wonderful place it sounded so magical i want to tell you so much more but i would love you all to read this book 

All the different circumstances just made the story for me it will make you laugh to . It very well written i can not wait for the next book 
This book just was a brilliant debut by jane the next book out in spring 2015,heart of the unknow 

Can or will cam join the fight against Rhezden? 

Can lex recover ? 

Will else can happen in this fab world ? 

Lex was just a fab hero the start of some brilliant stories to come i say . 
What did you think ? . 
I can not wait to find out 
Any one could read this book it had a bit of violence in but was written in plot so well . 
5 stars a fab book read enjoy keep it feel the next book will be brilliant i can not wait to read 
This book has got a wonderful paranormal edge to it .The description are extremely vivid you all will love it. Check it out for you self . 

The monster mash by Boddy boris 



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FOR MY HALLOWEEN WEEK 26th oct to the 1 nov 
A few facts 

If you see a spider on this night, it could be the spirit of a dead loved one who is watching you.

What is a male witch called?

Black and orange are typically associated with Halloween. Orange is a symbol of strength and endurance and, along with brown and gold, stands for the harvest and autumn. Black is typically a symbol of death and darkness and acts as a reminder that Halloween once was a festival that marked the boundaries between life and death.

Day 5 question &answer time 
He is a pumpkin whose top and stem have been cut out and interior removed, leaving a hollow shell that is then decoratively carved. Twelve Letters.? 

Jack O’ Lantern
An old Irish legend tells of Jack, a lazy yet shrewd farmer who uses a cross to trap the Devil. One story says that Jack tricked the Devil into climbing an apple tree, and once he was up there Jack quickly placed crosses around the trunk or carved a cross into the bark, so that the Devil couldn’t get down. Another myth says that Jack put a key in the Devil’s pocket while he was suspended upside-down; Another myth says that Jack was getting chased by some villagers whom he had stolen from, when he met the Devil: it was time for him to die. However, the thief stalled his death by tempting the Devil with a chance to bedevil the church-going villagers chasing him. Jack told the Devil to turn into a coin with which he would pay for the stolen goods (the Devil could take on any shape he wanted); later, when the coin/Devil disappeared, the Christian villagers would fight over who had stolen it. The Devil agreed to this plan. He turned himself into a silver coin and jumped into Jack’s wallet… only to find himself next to a cross Jack had also picked up in the village. Jack had closed the wallet tight, and the cross stripped the Devil of his powers; and so he was trapped.

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This is the story of a girl who lived but was not alive…

Carrie Anne is desperately unhappy. Tangled in a web of abuse, she seeks solace in the cemetery that backs onto her garden. But something creeps between the gravestones. Carrie Anne is not alone…

…and a boy who was dead, but could not die.

The cemetery is home to a boy. He has guarded these forgotten bones since meeting a gruesome end two hundred years ago. Neither dead nor alive, he has been watching for a long time. And now, he finally has the visitor he’s been waiting for…

It just a fab read i loved the cover that was the first thing that pulled me into this book 
The first thing it says on on top of page is ” This is the story of a boy who was dead but could not die and a girl who lived but was not alive ‘ 
Well that just caught my attention what did that mean i was hooked from that first few lines 
The descriptions are very vivid i could see all the places in my mind 
Omg the cemetery was so creepy i liked to hear about the land , the angel figures and all the grave stones sounded so creepy i could see this run down cemetery in mind with it big black fence around it the big angel in the middle what a scary places but i wanted to hear more about it 
The old house at the back so creepy too i got to say i would never live there .
The book starts with the little boy and his mum 
His mum was so nice they had nothing to live for it was so hard for them he lived in the most dirty place . It was so unclean he was sleeping on the floor with the rats sometime he did get to sleep on a very rotten mattress with mould growing on it not very nice surrounding at all 
His mum seem to work at night to get cash to feed them while his dad was a drunken bully .He was not very nice at all to the boy . 
You could tell the boy loved his mum so much my heart when out to him 
He mum like a lot of other around them died of consumption we get to hear all about this it sounded so bad 
The boys dad die too which i going to say i was glad he was not a good man at all .He would take the boy to the cemetery to rob the graves he was killed robbing in there . 

The book goes to the cemetery was this a good or bad place ? 
Was it safe ? 
What did you think of it ? 
The other main character was Carrie Annie omg my heart went out to her she was living a life of hell she was being bullied at school and at home . Her dad was not a very nice man i just wanted to help her . Her mum did not seem to help or support her they move into the house at the back of the cemetery . I loved how her and the boy meet could he help her or was she seeing things . This poor girl when through things no child should ever have to go through i so wanted to help her . Her life was not a very happy one she felt she had no escape but had she ? 
She seem to love the cemetery it was her safe place i felt . When you read the book you will be pulled into this wonderful old creepy place i just love it . It just so well written i was there with them 
The book or plot was told so differently i just loved it it a very different read . A great book at a fab price to at the minute . 
I want to tell you so much more but you could to read 
I got to say it a very emotional read i just want to help both of them 
The book fab for this time of year 
5 stars Keep read enjoy read again 
i just enjoy so much it the first book i have read by Sebastian Gregory it will not be the last 
Just a wonderful written book 

This song great for this book what you think ? 

Thriller by micheal jackson 1982 



pumpkin day on my blog today facts check out lavender fab post see the great pumpkins tanya gril have done

26th oct to the 1 nov 


The first Jack O’Lanterns were actually made from turnips.

According to Irish legend, Jack O’Lanterns are named after a stingy man named Jack who, because he tricked the devil several times, was forbidden entrance into both heaven and hell. He was condemned to wander the Earth, waving his lantern to lead people away from their paths.

About 99% of pumpkins sold are used as Jack O’ Lanterns at Halloween.

Day 4 question and answer time 

Which famous halloween party game originated from a custom to establish who would get married first?

Aj book review club's photo.

Bobbing for apples.
Bobbing for apples, also known as apple bobbing, is a game customarily played on Halloween. The game is played by filling a tub or a large basin with water and putting apples in the water. Because apples are less dense than water, they will float at the surface. Players (usually children) then try to catch one with their teeth. Use of hands is not allowed. The popularity of this game is falling because it can be viewed as unsanitary. The custom originated among the Celts as part of their celebrations of the Samhain season, celebrations that grew into modern-day Halloween. The original custom generally took place during large gatherings of people. Apples were associated with love or fertility goddesses; the first person to catch an apple would be the next one to marry, a tradition that is echoed in the modern “throwing of the bouquet” at weddings
look at the fab pumpkin Tanya girls did last year
please check out lavender fab post on her blog about pumpkin to thanks so much for joining in lavender I love you post x
link below press to read