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The Magic Roundabout the novel my review for children book & tv week

on October 10, 2014

The blurb 
Join Florence, Dougal and The Magic Roundabout gang as they battle the evil Zeebad. This brilliant movie novel will guide you through all the action.

This 128 page novel provides a gripping all-action movie re-telling. Will Dougal, Dylan, Brian and Ermintrude save the day? Or will Florence and the children be stuck inside the frozen roundabout for ever? The story unfolds in the thoughts and words of the heroes themselves for a humorous insight into their very individual points of view. With an eight page full colour movie image insert, and integrated line illustrations this movie novel is a brilliant way to enjoy the magic of the roundabout.
The all so got a 
Eight page full-colour movie image insert.

They’re good, he’s bad and it’s going to get ugly!’
As a kid i like the magic roundabout we use to watch after tea i saw this book for 20p at a carboot and pick it up for my children book &Tv week 

In 1965 it was created by serge Danot for tv it had a witty commentary aim at adult more than kids it was seen a not so pure innocent children animation (We were told in later years) 

The characters were very laid back and had very surreal views on things 
We got 
A cow called Ermintrude 
A girl called Florence 
A rabbit called Dylan
A dog called Dougal
A snail called Brain 
A jack in the box called Zebedee 

They were the main character Ermintrude was a pretty pink cow how was she so laid back she just took things as it comes a very cool cow 

In the book Dylan so funny doing his judo he was trying to save them he comes out with ‘doh does those come with egg fry rice’ very much what kids would laugh at.

Zebedee a very silly jack in the box figure . We also got his nasty side a another character called zeebad he wants to freeze the earth and roundabout over 
He got a toy soldier called sam that he found in the snow he use his magic to make him grow 
‘ he now a lean fighting machine’ he says
His mission is to help him find the three diamonds
The magic roundabout have got to get them to save Florenee and the kids that are stuck in the magic roundabout it now cover in snow 
The stories very easy to follow kids will love it the silly way are very wried but it aimed at kids it just a plot of them looking to save the roundabout 

It great as a bed time read 
I like that each page had a character on to help tell you the story 

As a kid the land would seem very enchanted the whole land look and sounded a fun place to live 
On the back of the book it says

The roundabout shattered and slowed down , the happy music fading into silence , sparks leapt from the hole in the roof whoa! Said Dylan what a bad trip ‘
Paul told me that aim at adult not kids i not sure what do you think ? What did you think magic roundabout was about ? 
The book is set in a very laid back way they all seem so laid back a bit hippy i think and they all are eating all the time But that was how they were in the time it was wrote 
A cool book nice colour photo to go with the story a ok read 

Kids will love it i say



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