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Roald Dahl day on my blog The twits for children book &tv week

on October 11, 2014

Mr and Mrs Twit are – well, twits!
In fact, they’re the nastiest, ugliest, hairiest, dirtiest, most tricksiest twits ever. So the Roly-Poly Bird and Muggle-Wump the monkey cook up a sticky plot to put an end to their cruel pranks.
I got to say i never read this book as a kid . Sophie has alway said this is one of her favourite Roald Dahl books so i thought i would read for my children book &tv week 
What a silly book but what fun to read it very short . 
The Twit are a repulsive and dirty couple who do lots of mean things to each other ( eating worms as spaghetti) the humour just right for children they will love it .

Mr Twit got a very dirty beard it encrusted with the food he eats.

Mrs Twit got a walking stick just to beat children with not to help her walk . She one of the ugliest ladies you will ever see she think that her self she got a glass eye she pop in into drinks 

They spend most of there days making each other miserable with the practical jokes . 

The bird pie on a wed made me smile it funny 

Roly poly bird and muggle wump monkey were fab the drawing in the book just bright the book to life for me 
It a very fast book very writty and sinister too i think 
The explanations are just superb the illustrations by Quentin Blake made the story come to life they just so well drawn he was fab at his work . 
It a great adventure book a fun story for kids a very enjoyable read 
They just loved being horrible to each other just another fab story by a great author one of the best children book author i say .


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