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our zoo by june mottershead wow what a fab book you all got to read

on October 16, 2014

The blurb 
A wonderfully nostalgic memoir detailing the fascinating lives of the working class family behind the phenomenally successful Chester Zoo.
When George Mottershead moved to the village of Upton-by-Chester in 1930 to realise his dream of opening a zoo without bars, his four-year-old daughter June had no idea how extraordinary her life would become. Soon her best friend was a chimpanzee called Mary, lion cubs and parrots were vying for her attention in the kitchen, and finding a bear tucked up in bed was no more unusual than talking to a tapir about granny’s lemon curd. Pelican, penguin or polar bear – for June, they were simply family.

The early years were not without their obstacles for the Mottersheads. They were shunned by the local community, bankruptcy threatened and then World War Two began. Nightly bombing raids turned the dream into a nightmare and finding food for the animals became a constant challenge. Yet George’s resilience, resourcefulness and tenacity eventually paid off. Now over 80 years since June first set foot in the echoing house, Chester Zoo has achieved worldwide renown.

Here, in her enthralling memoir, June Mottershead chronicles the heartbreak, the humour, the trials and triumphs, above all the characters, both human and animal, who shaped her childhood.
I loved this show on the tv and went i saw there was a book out i jump at the chance to read it both are all about the mottershead family and how they set up Chester zoo .The tv show was a bit more dramatised .June tells you this too in the book and why they did it . 

In this book you get to hear more about what happens and more about the animals .The book tell you so much more than what we saw on tv i think they will do more seasons of show .I hope so it was so good to watch .

The book takes you through all the emotions of the zoo . The book is told by june you can feel her passion and emotions as she writes this fab book .She was only four years old when her father move the family to Upton what a great place it was. I loved to hear how they made the zoo . 

What a fab life June had what she did and saw was remarkable her only friends were the animals children did not seem to want to be her friend or she only want the animals as her friends cause that was how she was brought up with animal she know no different i think she loved to help hand rearing the monkeys and lions she loved all the animals so was never worried about them hurting her 
She was such a fascinating person i just enjoy hearing about her life she wrote this book with such love and passion i like how the book tell you how they got the animals and what was wrong with them i think June would have been so upset when they die or were ill . 

Her mum Lizzie was a fab lady her mum and dad were farmers they lived near by june loved to visit the farm they help out at the zoo too . It was one big family . 
Lizzie was such a wonderful mum sometimes the house was took over by animals she never moan just took it in her stride it was great to hear how she cope or did she ? She had to be so strong to be part of the zoo she was very resilience to things .The whole family were that what made the zoo what a world famous zoo it now today 
The family had not much money we get to hear all about how they cope it must of been so hard for them all what a support they were to each other 

In 1939 June was 13,she took over as the head keeper because the war was going on a lot of the keeper were call up and 
girls took over 
What a struggle they had to make ends meet we get to hear all about it which was fab . The was not much food for the animals could they keep going .When the air siren when off they had to take the animal in side we get to hear all about how the war effort the zoo 
It was just so good to hear the whole experiences that they face each day her dad wanted to build a zoo with out bars did he do that ? 
The book about the up and downs of a zoo a working class family that lived in a very unusual home It just a wonderful fascinating story 
Here a quote from june ” until i brought friends back from school i didn’t realise that most people didn’t have baby lions in their bedrooms when they were sick or bring parrots into the house so they wouldn’t catch cold “ 

You got to read this book you will love it .I did think it ended a bit fast i wanted to hear so much more i hope another book will come out. i just loved this wonderful book so much .I hope you all will buy this book to read it a real page turner will just want to find out what going to happen next and what animal have they now got . 
My gem book 6 stars up to now my book of the month on my blog ajbookreviewclub.wordpress .com for oct  I would like to thank headline for letting me review this fab book
June Mottershead was born in June 1926 and from the age of 4 lived with the rest of her family at Chester Zoo started by her father in 1930. After working as a Land Girl in the latter stages of WW2 she returned to the zoo to become keeper of the aquarium. In 1949 she married Fred Williams who arrived as bear keeper in 1947. Apart from a break of five years in the fifties which they spent in Australia, June and her husband lived and worked at the zoo where they brought up their three children. A widow since 2012, June continues to live within a short walk of her childhood home.


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  1. You’ve convinced me, I have to read this book! Great review!

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