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my review for Beauiful day by Elin Hilderbrand #Ajscoolcoverchallenge

on November 5, 2014

The Carmichaels and Grahams have gathered on Nantucket for a wedding. Plans are being made according to the wishes of the bride’s late mother, who left behind The Notebook: specific instructions for every detail of her youngest daughter’s future nuptials. Everything should be falling into place for the beautiful event – but in reality, things are far from perfect.

While the couple-to-be are quite happy, their loved ones find their own lives crumbling. In the days leading up to the wedding, love will be questioned, scandals will arise, and hearts will be broken . . .

In BEAUTIFUL DAY Elin Hilderbrand takes readers on a journey into the heart of marriage, what it means to be faithful, and how we choose to honour our commitments.

The book very well written the story very good but i did not like this book only because i did not like any of the characters i find them to be annoying , selfish and full of them self but i think other may say that makes a good book i did like the dad Doug he was so kind he loved his wife beth so much he just wanted her at their daughter wedding i did not find the note book that sad i wanted it to be more about how Beth would feel on that day it wanted to hear about her emotions she felt cause she could not be there not her telling her daughter what to do and what to wear It was all how she plan her daughter day for her . She did wrote about a year before it The note book was a very book part of the story it told you how beth wanted the rehearsal the tablecloths, the food the flowers it was plan so well 
The note told you all what was going to happen on this wedding day was every on happy about it ? 

Margot was jenna’s sister she was the maid of honour she was now divorced with three kids 
She had not had any good relationship she just wanted to get the wedding done with she seem to be in love with a man called Edge he was very much older than her he also worked for her dad he would not be happy about this or would he did he care ? 

Dough not very happy with pauline his new wife she read the note book she should not of done that he now wants to get out of this life he got now we do get to hear all about it i felt he still very much in love with his dead wife 
What should he do ? 

Janna to me just seem to go along with things she was a very self fish young lady she not very happy about this wedding should she be getting married ? Helen told her something and now she not sure if she want to get married to stuart what will you think ? 

Helen and Jim had a son together Jim is stuart dad his mum ann has invited him to this wedding 
what a bad idea that was this brought more heartache to the day it would make a great film all what going on it a funny read What else could happen on this day 
I did enjoy the story i just did not warm to the characters i just wanted to shot at them 
You may enjoy it it was written very well the story was ok just not one for me 
3 stars ok read enjoy



4 responses to “my review for Beauiful day by Elin Hilderbrand #Ajscoolcoverchallenge

  1. Tanya says:

    The cover is gorgeous. What a shame the book isn’t so good x

  2. Yes cover fab book was ok not my kind of read

  3. The cover is really pretty, I have this book as well. It’s a pity you didn’t like it very much… Good review though!

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