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on November 7, 2014


AJ : What inspries you to write ? 

Jane Lively : I’ve always loved books and stories, and I’ve always had a good imagination. Nothing moves me and inspires me like a good book does. I think it is a unique way to connect with people – through the written word, through characters you can relate to, etc.

AJ : Who Your fav character in book & why?

Jane Lively : I don’t have one favorite character in a book. Although for Rise of the Known, I wanted to write about a girl who doesn’t realize how strong, brave, and powerful she really is. I remember reading a book called The Hero and The Crown by Robin McKinley when I was young. The hero of the story is a girl, and I loved that. I wanted to be like her. There aren’t enough stories about female heroes, and there are too many stories about female victims – the girls are the ones who need to be saved, not the ones who save others. This is why I love books featuring heroines, e.g. The Hunger Games and Divergent. This is why I wanted to write a story featuring my own version of a heroine – someone young girls can look up to.

AJ : Where did u get the idea for this book from ?

Jane Lively : My best and oldest friend was the first person to tell me I should write a book. When I told her I didn’t know what to write about, she said write about us, about our friendship. She was very into urban fantasy and paranormal books back then, and she got me into this genre, too. We actually started to write this story together. The girls in Rise of the Known, are characters loosely based on us when we were young. (very loosely, lol) We were very different, but for some reason we connected on a very deep level. I felt that she understood me in ways other people didn’t, and she was a lot of things I wished I could be, but wasn’t (e.g. tough, a fighter, a rebel). We, like Lex and Cam, were opposites that complemented each other well.

AJ : How did you get into writing?

Jane Lively : I was going through a very tough time in life when everything seemed to be going wrong. I turned to writing as a way to distract myself, and to give myself a sense of purpose. I discovered that it made me happy in ways that nothing else does. So I kept at it, and now it is what I want to do with my life.

AJ : Do you believe in vampires, witches, etc.?

Jane Lively : The logical part of my brain does not believe in these fantastical things, but the imaginative side of my brains loves to believe in them all! lol

AJ : Have you ever seen a ghost?

Jane Lively : There was one incident that happened when I was young. It frightened me so much, that I never told anyone about it until a few years ago, and when I told her, I started to cry. Even the memory of it still feels real. I don’t know if it was real, but the fear I felt definitely was.

AJ : Do you use people you know in your characters?

Jane Lively : I think every writer draws upon their life experiences when they write, and that includes the people they know. I don’t base a character 100% on a person I know, but I will take certain aspects from many different people to create a character. I’m able to write more realistic dialogue and behaviors if I feel like I understand and know my characters on a personal level.

AJ : How many book is there?

Jane Lively : The Blood Moon Prophecy series will have 3, maybe 4 books. Book 2 has been drafted, edited once, and in the rewrite stage. 

AJ : Tell me about yourself.

Jane Lively : Well, I’m originally from a small town in Ohio. I have 3 siblings. I am a natural introvert, and have always been a bit of a nerd. Lol. I am both analytical and creative, so writing books is a great way for me to use both sides of my brain.

AJ : Where do you like to write?

Jane Lively : I do most of my writing on the subway train during my commute to my job, in the evenings after work, and on the weekends at my place. 

AJ : Can you tell me about Rise of the Known?

Jane Lively : Rise of the Known is the first book I’ve written. It is about many things rising – the rise of courage over fear, the rise of belief over doubt, the rise of a hero. I learned how to write a book by writing ROTK. The manuscript has gone through many revisions, but the main story has stayed the same. I wanted to write about a real heroine. An ordinary girl who achieves extraordinary things simply because she started to believe in herself. I wanted to write a story that could inspire girls, the way I was inspired by courageous heroines I’d read about as a young girl. I am very proud of this book. I love the characters. It was a very hard book to write, and I almost gave up so many times. But I knew I needed to finish telling the story of these girls.

AJ : Do you prefer book or kindle?

Jane Lively : I like both. I love the feel of a book in my hands and the way the pages smell. When I am reading at home, I prefer books. But the Kindle is so convenient. I like to read more than one book at the same time – according to my mood – so the Kindle lets me do that without having to carry many books around in my bag lol.

AJ: What next for you ? 
Jane Lively: Book 2 in The Blood Moon Prophecy is next for me.

AJ : How long can it take to write a book ? 
Jane Lively: It varies. Rise of the Known took me years to write because I was also learning how to write novels. I wrote a romance novel titled Lovefools under the pen name Avery Hale last summer. That took me 2 weeks to write, but it is a much shorter and simpler story. I just wanted to have fun with that! (If you like humorous romances with lots of drama, you should check it out! It’s sassy like Sex and the City.)

AJ: What books do you like to read ? 
Jane Lively: I read anything – mystery, romance, YA, paranormal, thriller, literary, non-fiction.

AJ : Do u have a pet?
Jane Lively: Yes – a Boston Terrier named Duncan. He’s my little man  If you friend me on Facebook, you’ll see lots of funny and cute pics that I’ve posted of him.

Amazon link 

Rise of the Known (The Blood Moon Prophecy Series Book 1) by Jane Livelyhttp://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00O7BLCKU/ref=cm_sw_r_udp_awd_-JYvub0MYDCH7

My review for this fab book


When the Blood Moon rises, it brings chaos. It brings fear. It brings evil. 

Alexie Lambis (Lex) is a seemingly ordinary small-town girl with typical teenage problems: an overbearing mother, a crush on a guy way out of her league, and a best friend who gets into trouble like it’s her job. Having to single-handedly organize the Senior Class Blood Moon Dance has Lex convinced her life couldn’t get any more difficult. 

That is, until the Blood Moon rises. 

The rare celestial event triggers a thousand-year-old prophecy and opens the gates separating the human realm from the Nether—unleashing demons onto Earth. Demons that are hunting one thing—Lex. 

Lex discovers that she holds one half of the key to saving an entire race of immortals trapped in the human realm from Rhezden, the powerful Nether Lord who seeks to destroy them—and anyone who gets in his way. 

But saving them would force Lex to give up everything that ever mattered to her—her family, her friends, and maybe even her life. A high price to pay, especially since no one knows who holds the other half. 

When Lex’s best friend goes missing, she has to make a hard choice. A choice that would test the very limits of her courage. A choice that could make her a hero…or send her to her grave. 

Rise of the Known is a story about the rise of courage over fear. The rise of belief over doubt. The rise of a hero. 

*This is Book One in The Blood Moon Prophecy Series. Suitable for Young Adult, New Adult, Teen, and Adult readers. Some violence and strong language.

I would like to thank Jane for sending me her fab book to review for her . It jane debut book wow what a book i did enjoy it . I read it in a day it a compelling story. I got to say to say it was a YA novel but i really did enjoy it .

From the first page you get pulled into the nerve wracking plot. 
All the creatures and the lands in the book are describe brilliantly you could see them all in your mind .In the book you got moloch which are ancient demons , we got queens, prana and Rhezdem 

This fantasy world jane make up was so cool i just loved this quote”ive stepped into a middle of a fairytale ” well i got to say what a fab fairy tale this was . The book just exceptional and creative book . I really did enjoy hearing all about the magic ,runes, the spell and how they all worked 
The magic element were so good very powerful . 

The history of the creepy blood moon was so well told it was hooked to find out more about it . 

All the characters were very captivating i wanted to hear more about them 
Lex is the main character she a normal girl or is she ? 
The story about prophecy that was made years ago about a girl called the know and another person called the unknow both humans together they have such great powers . They are the only ones that can stop Rhezden
Rhezden was the queen helper but he did a really bad thing we get to hear all about it 

Lex has now got to find her powers she being told so much about herself she can not take it in and she find her new life very tough you got to read to see what she doing this quote was fab to hear ” and i though only comic book superheroes were invincible” 

A lot of the book set in a library it had a old creaky dark wooden staircase up to the top floor books are in angels in sounded such a wonderful place i loved the mirrador world i just want to see this wonderful place it sounded so magical i want to tell you so much more but i would love you all to read this book 

All the different circumstances just made the story for me it will make you laugh to . It very well written i can not wait for the next book 
This book just was a brilliant debut by jane the next book out in spring 2015,heart of the unknow 

Can or will cam join the fight against Rhezden? 

Can lex recover ? 

Will else can happen in this fab world ? 

Lex was just a fab hero the start of some brilliant stories to come i say . 
What did you think ? . 
I can not wait to find out 
Any one could read this book it had a bit of violence in but was written in plot so well . 
5 stars a fab book read enjoy keep it feel the next book will be brilliant i can not wait to read 
This book has got a wonderful paranormal edge to it .The description are extremely vivid you all will love it. Check it out for you self .

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