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my review for A Christmas Hope by Anne Perry 4 stars

on November 14, 2014

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London, 1868. As the Christmas season begins, Claudine Burroughs feels little joy in its endless social calls and extravagant events. Working at a clinic for desperate women has opened her eyes to a different world.

Then her two worlds collide. A prostitute smuggled into a grandiose Christmas party is found brutally beaten. Poet Dai Tregarron stands accused. But Dai insists he was trying to protect her from the violence of three young men. Claudine believes him, but with society closing ranks against him, how can she prove his innocence without risking everything?

This is the first Anne Perry book i read i did enjoy it . This christmas novel is very short i read in one night .
It is set in Victorian times . I will say all the characters were from the upper class some of their ways were not nice . I not sure i liked the way the Victorian set about marriage they were some time made to marry just for the class or money the other person had .I would want to marry cause i want to be with that person and loved then .

I did feel Claudine marriage was ok but then i did not like her husband i felt he just wanted her for show at the party’s but one night a bad thing happen at one party they were at she helped a girl but later she dies . She had got to help poet Dai Tregarron he did not kill her she know that in her mind . The other man just seem to pull together to save them self . They did this not him .

Claudine got to stop Dai from being hanged she showed great courage she just wanted to fight for the truth she was part of this class of people but she could not let this man be hang when she know what the other had done to safe them self .

The clinic she work at would have been a great help to women i think working there was a real eye opener to her as i felt she just lived in the world of glamour, party , money she did have a good life but i felt she wanted just to be loved by her husband . You could feel all the atmosphere of the party’s they go to as there were wrote so well

The book tell you her story to save this man it a very good story .The writing style is easy to follow the plot got lots of twists and turns
All the characters were believable but i felt the man just seem to put the women down all the time and the women did not seem to mind
Claudine was just so determined to uncover the truth about that night she going to save a innocent man . Which guests did see what happen ? Can see get them to tell the truth ? Will she stop a innocent man from being hanged before or after christmas ?
The plot done very well it a good story of justice being done it just shows you that one status should not make any different but does it ? The book got the right about of tension too it a nice short christmas read
4 stars read enjoy pass on a nice different christmas book not all about falling in love like a lot of christmas book but i still enjoy reading all christmas book my fav book time of year
I like to thank bookbrigr for sending me this book to review


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  1. Tanya says:

    I would like to try this.

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