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on November 28, 2014

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Seductive. Heartwarming. Passionate.

Luc Chevalier is a satisfied man – or so he thinks. His businesses are thriving, he has all the excitement, money and beautiful women any man could want. He dines at the best restaurants and stays at the most luxurious hotels as he makes his way around the globe. So why does he suddenly find himself so restless?

Megan Sullivan is a single mom with a rather ordinary life. She is comfortable with things just the way they are. She has a six-year-old son, Elliott, a cozy house in Boulder, Colorado, and a photography business to put food on the table. Her ex lives hours away in Florida, providing enough space for him to feed his drug addiction without exposing Elliott to his father’s illness. Megan is on her own and she intends to keep it that way.

Megan is convinced by her best friend to take a trip to Paris for a few days. Little does she know she is about to be thrust into the arms of Luc Chevalier, the sexiest man to ever set foot on the Eiffel Tower. They agree to one night together and no more. In those few short hours he manages to draw out the passionate woman that Megan has carefully hidden way for years. Once she has a taste of what she’s been missing, she finds it almost impossible to go back to her life as it was.

Will two people who don’t believe in happily-ever-after manage to put aside their doubts and find their forever? Join Luc as he discovers that everything he never wanted is the only thing he will ever need.

I really did enjoy this book it a romantic book but also packed with drama . This is the second book in the full hearts series but you can read as a standalone book which i did .
I will say some of the scenes were a bit steamy but then other were so romantic which was nice to read about but i got to say i did find the plot a bit. Predictable at times but i still enjoyed this book . I got pulled into the story from the first few pages .

Luc and Megan are the main characters both are very deep characters sometimes a bit hard to read both seem to be enjoying their life’s as they were but on that day they first saw each other they seem to hit it off straight a way you could feel all the passion between them .

Luc lives in Paris .women just seem to love him and all always fall for him but he never met the women of his dreams until he saw Magan is she his dream girl ?
He got a flash car and lots of money . He so good looking too what more could you want in a man !
He seem to be love em and leave them kind of man or was that until now ? He seem to be falling for Magan i think?
I felt he was just a nice kind caring man with the world as his feet .

Magan was a single mum and what a fab mum she was too . She seem so happy but is she happy ?
She been hurt before and is not going to let any man hurt her or her son every again . She does not want her son unhappy he got to come first just like we all say . She not sure want to be involved we another man she got a happy life in the USA

Both character are so different to each other you could just feel they would work well together. Which i think they did what do you think?

I love that Magan when to Paris a met Luc he just such a great guy for her . They both seem to have fun.
Could this be the start if something good ? What do you think?
You just get pulled into this story you will be hooked just so you can see what going to happen next

You do feel all the emotions both of them were going through do you believe in true love will after reading this book i enjoy the writhing style it was easy to read . I was just grip on the plot i just wanted them to be one happy family the book got love , paris , a handsome guy . Fun romance and a lovely family unit near the end . Both they characters were just caring and lovely i just wanted them to be so happy together could they be?
A fab book you all will enjoy reading this book


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