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on November 30, 2014
This is my november book of the month i picked this book cause i read two weeks ago . Now i am still thinking about the plot it still very much on my mind and that what mades the book a must read book jane may not be a author you know or have heard of but once you read you will look out for any book she writes . It just a gripping thriller you will loved it . It so well written and the story stays with you that why i had to pick over some of the well know books or author i read this month . I can not praise this book any more than my review say .I hope you will all look out for it

Intense, gripping, psychological thriller.

As a child, Kitty Harmer had her world turned upside down when her twin sister, Sarah, was taken into care. Now aged 26 and struggling, she i…s contacted about the inheritance of a property she has never heard of miles away. Kitty seizes the opportunity and moves into Belford Hall, set on acres of land in Norfolk.
Kitty is soon drawn to the charms of the Norfolk countryside, and a local farmer. As she settles into the primitive manor house, she discovers a book titled Hartford Place locked in a library drawer. Kitty soon learns of the stories surrounding the Hall, a curse made in the 1800s and a past she knew nothing about. Her Hartford ancestors mirror Kitty with their raven hair and emerald eyes and have all suffered tragedy, with veiled secrets buried deep.
When the twins reunite, Sarah reveals a hardship that unsettles Kitty’s memories of her own childhood. Is there a curse on the Hartford family? Is there a ghostly presence at the Hall? This thriller takes Kitty on a journey through a past that emulates her future. With twists and turns through history and the present, you will be swept into the Hartford Inheritance and the passionate jealousy that shadows the identical twins through the generations.

When Jane asked me to read her book i was not to sure what it would be like but i said yes and i so glad i did i loved this book
. The book is only available as an ebook on Amazon. So please check it out on there .

It a captivating read full of twist and turns it a great psychological thriller which i do like . The plot just grip me the story is very powerful .

Kitty the main character she a lovely young women now but at a very young age her world was turn up side down her mum and dad send her twin Sarah away . They were all together they were there for each other they were best friends too or were they ? She was put into care Sarah did seem to be very naught as a child she seem to play up lots . Later in the book we do get to hear why she was like she was as a kid . Sarah when thought so much in her life we do get to hear all what happen to her it was very tough for her i say .

Kitty seem to cope very well but she missed Sarah so much she just seem to be getting on with her life she was now 27 but she seem to have no goal or aim in her life was she happy with her life her boyfriend ? I say not but you have to read to see what you think?

But one day her life just change for the better . She was contacted about the inheritance of Belford Hall it was set in acres of land she jumps at the change to move there .i liked how she soon won over the local people and one farmer seem to be very keen on her .

It was so nice to hear all about how she settle into the Hall. We get to hear about each room which i enjoy some were a bit creepy i thought i could see that all in my mind . Wow the library had some great books in there i loved hearing about this creepy dark room i did not like the hall it was way to creepy for me .

Kitty found in a locked drawer a book this book holds lots of great story’s of this great hall we find out lots of secrets of this hall and her family that lived there . I did feel a bit of history of the hall was added to this story but i was not sure i did feel like Jane had done a lot of research or just her imagination was just very good i may be wrong i not sure i have to ask if the hall is not real .i did ask jane and she said
I was right that Belford Hall and Hartford House are not real, both are a figment of her imagination. That just show what a fab writer she is this is her first book you did think a lot of research had been done on a very old hall and house you could see the setting so clear in your head .

By finding this book we get to hear two different times in the story the past was told so well both the past and present are told so clearly and mixed so well into one story you will be hooked to see what going to happen next .

There seem to be a few identical twins throughout the generations . Why were there all so a like
What was the curse ?
Was there any ghosts or was it in kitty mind ?

As i said at the start when kitty moved in i think she was just coping with her life but now she seem to want more from her life she become more passion about things . I just want her to be happy Could she be ?
Both sister i felt were just so opposite to each other when Sarah came back into the story my heart when out to her this poor girl . No child should have to go through what she did . Her life was so hard hope did she cope she was a very troubled young women she a very deep character a bit hard to read . Can both sister get what they want ? Can they find happiness again ?

I have to say the end was very good a very great twist but i wanted more i want to know what happen next ? Is there another book ? I wanted to hear more about the hall being finished did kitty stay there ? Did she get married there ?what about her ring ? But that what makes it a fab book it left me wanting to know more

The whole book was just so good to read . The writing style was very clear and easy to follow when it swap to past or present . It just packed with mystery i loved all the twist to the plots it very clever you just get pulled into the plot you could see and felt it all just a wonderful written book i will be looking out for Janes books from now on a fab new author for me
5 stars read enjoy keep you may like to read again i like to thank jane for sending me her book to review please check it out


I live in hastings (the battle of 1066) in East Sussex. I’ve loved writing since I was a young child. I’m in my late 30s with two children aged 11 and 6. My daughter Harriet aged 11 is an incredible writer and she loves books as do I. We both read an incredible amount of books. When Harriet was much younger she said she wanted to be an author when she grew up. When I said I did too she couldn’t understand why I hadn’t written a book.

Over the next 3 years I wrote The Hartford Inheritance. It actually only took me 6 months but then in 2013 I contracted strep A a toxic shock infection that attacks your bones. I was v v ill and in hospital for two weeks. It took me 6 months to get the use of my left hand back from the two operations and quite a while to get over the emotional aspect of the affect on my children, myself and my husband. It’s made me want to prove myself, to live each day to the full and it pushed me on to edit and finally publish my debut book.

I adore my family and I cherish the people close to me. I’m a big fan of book bloggers and buy books on their recommendations only. Because of this I can’t remember the last time I read a book I didn’t love.

Amanda Jayne thank u for reviewing my book. It really means a lot to me.

Jane any time i just loved it . Here the amazon link to jane book please check it you will love it so much


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  1. Tanya says:

    Sounds great if you enjoy that genre. I don’t though.

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