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Today is christmas jumper day for save the children THE BEST CHRISTMAS JUMPER BY RACHEAL BRIGHT & VICKI GAUSDEN

on December 12, 2014

Aj book review club's photo.Aj book review club's photo.Aj book review club's photo.

Today is christmas jumper day for save the children

Costa have done this wonderful book that £1.17 Going to save the children we are selling lots in work i had to buy one to review for you all
Did you wear your xmas top today ?


THE BOOK £1.50 in most Costa stores
When five festive friends find a poster for a Christmas jumper competition each is sure their will be the best but it’s only when they work together that they hatch a winning plan
The book just such a lovely funny read it just so much fun to read they kids will be laughing at this silly book it only a 20 page book but the story very good it nice for children to read them self the writing nice and big
The picture are very big and bright just great Christmas images Just a great read
A lovely book

why we should wear are Christmas tops?

The 12thof December is Christmas Jumper Day to raise money for charity Save the Children. Wear your jumper and donate some money to the charity which raises funds for less-fortunate children who don’t have enough this Christmas. Simply sign up here to pledge a donation so children from South Sudan, Ethiopia and the UK can be better off this Christmas time.

A good jumper and a good cause.
Here the link


The christmas jumper facts

Until recently no fashionista would be seen dead in seasonal patterned knitwear, but now the kitsch style is a must-have for designers and celebrities alike. How did Christmas jumpers become so popular?
They might be embroidered with reindeer, or snowflakes, or a cheerful Father Christmas.some having light on them we all love
Knitted from variety of garish woollen hues, they look as though they are being worn to please a kindly but sartorially clueless grandmother.my grandma use to knit us them as kids i hate it but i wish she was here now to make us all one . My mum use to make us wear on christmas day and boxing when she came round .
Once any self-respecting young adult would have been horrified to open their wrapping paper and find they had been gifted such a garment.But not now we all love them so much
But somehow Christmas sweaters have become not just acceptable, but cool – the gaudier the better.

Most us now have one christmas jumper do you ?

yes i got 2


Aj book review club's photo.


3 responses to “Today is christmas jumper day for save the children THE BEST CHRISTMAS JUMPER BY RACHEAL BRIGHT & VICKI GAUSDEN

  1. Tanya says:

    Fantastic post. I have my Christmas t shirt on see twitter.

  2. Thank tanya i love my christmas tops now x

  3. Great post. I wore my Christmas jumper to work yesterday. They were taking the donations, I’m not sure how much we raised but I think it must have been a lot as there are at least 100 staff there.
    Love your Christmas jumper too.

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