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on January 10, 2015

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Life is looking bleak for Frankie Mitchell – not only has she lost custody of her two children to their sadistic, gypsy-bred father, Jed O’Hara, she is also pregnant and banged up in Holloway awaiting trial for attempted murder.
In Frankie’s absence, her father, underworld boss Eddie Mitchell, is determined to get his own back. He wants revenge not only for his daughter’s imprisonment, but also for the death of his beloved wife, Jessica. Determined to get his grandchildren back home where they belong, Eddie plans the O’Haras demise slowly and precisely. But then he finds out a secret and learns the real reason why his daughter is in the slammer and all hell breaks lose

Essex had never seen anything like the bloodbath that followed, but were either family actually capable of winning this long running feud, or would they all become the victims of their own past mistakes?

What can i say another fab book by kimberley

It a book you know from the first page you will not be able to put down .

This is the third instalment but you could read as a stand alone book i have read the other .This book the last of the trilogy of the o Hara”s and the Mitchell’s with their dreadful feud , murders and marriages that have taken place in these dramatic books they all are very brilliant reads . That just hook you into the plot .

It very gripping , fantastic and an outstanding read

The book are

The feud

The traitor

The vitamin

This book did meet all my expectations it a gripping read very fast moving i had my own visualisation of the scenes in my head it so well written you can see it all i will say as a reader and blogger you come across a new author that blows you away kimberley chambers is one of them i loved her writing style . Each page is paced with action .
I was just hooked by her way of writing.

Joyce the grandma still one of my fav character she makes me laugh her language is colourful but written in a clever way that has you laughing she such a fun character full of life but she likes to drink a bit to much as times too . You will just love her ways a lovely grandma .

The book got lots of twist and turns the main story about Frankie getting the kids back and how Eddie planning to do it i want to tell you more but you got to read for you self

All the character are very real you could feel the pain they felt at times they may be a tough family but you do get to see a softer side which was nice too . The may be very hard , tough gang members but their love for each shines which was so nice to read about . The characters seem to knit together in a clever and complex way .

Eddie a tough man the head man he can be very rough and mean but you got to love him his family comes first his way of life it different to normal people

The whole feud was brilliant to read about i hope there may be a follow on as i like to see what happens and how things planned out for Frankie and her kids it was left a bit open at the end i loved that the whole family pull together the story action pack a very fast moving story but a bit sad at the end .

I can not wait to see what next for them all can you ?

i sure there will be more what do you think?
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