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on January 11, 2015

My ten books of year

( i have got 11 could make up my mind on my last one )
In any order
Done deal by Rene Schultz
I just love this book it was one of the first books i got send to review Sue asked Rene if i could review her book when i started my blog last april .i was honoured to read this book it just an exceptional story that will pull at your heart strings the characters are very strong and gutsy .The twist on the book so clever . The story line of cancer is very powerful and very well research book .I just want to tell you all to read it just one of book i tell you all to read books this year
My review

Book 2
The Hartford inheritance by jane a hobden
This book is a intense , gripping psychological thriller . It a captivating read full of twists .The plot so powerful it paced with mystery long after you finished your mind will be going over the plot
A must read book

my book of month for november
My review
A perfect heritage by penny vincenzi
This book just pulled me into the plot A skincare company that needed help can they save this wonderful company the story very heart warming can The family pull together to save it . It a very good story of a very powerful family run business i really did enjoy this book so much it was very much what happens in the beauty world of skincare houses i worked in one for years .


Drying for christmas by tammy cohen
Wow what a chilling ,addictive and spine chilling read . I could not put this book down it just paced with so many twists it just a perfect thriller you all should read

Book 5
The vintage tea shop by Vanessa Greene
This book was Vanessa debut novel i enjoy it so much i love vintage tea cups as most of you know
It about three women friendships their support and love for every other . They seem to help each other follow their dreams

Book 6
The vintage girl by Hester browne
I love antique so a book about an antique shop was just so much fun i loved reading about the shop Evie gone to Scotland to help a family sell a few things it just a modern day fairy tale .
It packed with surprises it got a few hilarious moments it there to it just a delightful read

Book 7
The accident by C L Taylor
This was another debut book it was twisty , dark and compelling it will hook you into the story by the first page right to the last page each page has got tension on it
You just want to help Sue what a read it so good a must read book

Liberty silk by Kate beaufoy
What a book i just fall in love with this book it about three inspiring women from three vibrant ereas it a tale of survival , betrayal and love from the first page you are transported into a different world it a heart warming and heart breaking
This book was inspired from letters from kate own grandma and her liberty silk dress She owned
You just get drawn into this wonderful story
My review


Book 9
The boy in the cemetery by Sebastian greogoy
I love the cover of this book so much by the first few lines i was griped by the book it a great read i just love Sebastian imagination it just brilliant the book just a spine tingling novella
It has a very unique style it a beautiful and moving tale but all so very dark and deep in places i have just loved all of sabastian books he just so unique with his style

Book 10
The proposal by Tasmania perry

Just a heartfelt romantic tale of lost love and now it never to late to love again
From London in 1950 to new york now
London in the fifties all the debutantes tales of balls . It got a lot of mystery running throughout the book it just a lovely old fashioned love story that just pulls you into the whole wonderful tale

Gone girl
I had to put gone girl into my top book too as i did not want to read this i hear both good and bad about it so i wanted to see for my self
Wow i loved it yes it took me a while to get into the story but i was hooked on the plot all the characters are very deep you will be on one of their side but the change to the other you do get a very different impression of each character all the time
It very cleverly written and so very unpredictable it just pulls you into the plot a very good book

Well that my 11 books i have loved this year but i could tell you lots more i enjoyed reading lots of new author this year and have enjoyed so many new books

i have made some great new friends by reading so much I like to thank all for reading my blog I hope you like it
what a fab year
What will 2015 bring us ?
Thanks for reading my post Aj x

My ten books of year


2 responses to “MY TEN BOOKS OF THE YEAR FOR 2014 SORRY IVE GOT 11

  1. Some good sounding books there. I think I would like to read Gone Girl and The Vintage Teacup Club.

  2. Gone a bit slow at start but very good the vintage teacups club so good i tead all her books fab you will enjoy them x

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