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The Stall of Second Chances by Dana Bate TANYA MONDAY POST

on February 2, 2015

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The Stall of Second Chances by Dana Bate

I was in need of a feel good book that met this week’s challenge for my Monday post and I was glad when Amanda reminded me about this book that she sent me as part of my Christmas presents. It’s a great book although if you are on a diet it is very hard!!!!

Sydney Straus is made redundant from her job as a producer on “The Morning Show”. She is worried about money but if she is honest with herself the job was never what she imagined herself doing when she left college. She wanted to be a food journalist but this is a very difficult position to achieve and vacancies are very few and far between hence what she found herself as a producer on a morning television program. Whist looking for a future job she finds herself working for a chauvinistic baker in a farmers market. While there she learns all about the products that are sold and the people behind them and learns to appreciate and get more of a love for food. She begins to develop a strong bond with the sellers at the markets and is soon accepted as one of them.

At the beginning of the book she is also still grieving for her past life with her one and only love Zach, the person that broke off their long term relationship 5 years previously. She is reluctant to trust again and rarely dates or lets anyone get close even though her best friend Heidi, her sister Libby and her parents try to get her to dip her foot in the water again. She does meet one man where things spark but he has a shady past and Sydney finds this hard.

I really liked the character of Sydney and could see how she changed in her outlook on what makes her happy through the book. I struggled with some of her decisions and wanted to say stop and think but could also understand some of her thinking. Her direct approach and her ability to be a sounding board for others was interesting and I often felt sorry for her for carrying the burdens of keeping things from others.

The humour in the book was just what I needed and I liked the banter between some of the characters. Yes the descriptions of a lot of the food left me craving for great tasty bread rolls or carbonara! The book has lovely short chapters that have you thinking just one more chapter before I sleep. As all book lovers knows you are still saying this 5 chapters later. Well done Dana Bate I will certainly look out for more of your books


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