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The Forgotten Cottage (The Annie Graham series – Book 3) by Helen Phifer

on February 15, 2015

Photo: A fab book

The Forgotten Cottage (The Annie Graham series – Book 3)
Helen Phifer

The Forgotten Cottage, the eagerly-awaited and chillingly terrifying new book in Helen Phifer’s best-selling ‘Annie Graham’ series.

Annie Graham has fought her demons, and is ready to leave them behind. Her new cottage seems like the new start she’s craved: quiet and quaint, it’s empty of the memories which have haunted her for so long.

But before long, the ghosts of a forgotten tragedy stir within Annie’s new home. Someone – or something – is coming for her. And this time, she might not get the chance to run

What i say

The Annie Graham series:

Book 1 – The Ghost House

Book 2 – The Secrets of the Shadows

Book 3 – The Forgotten Cottage

This may be the third book in the series but you can read as a standalone book but i would say read the first two as they are so fab you will loved just like you will this book

This story so chilling this book still got that ghostly elements in which i like . It packed with lots of twists and turns it will keep you guessing it still got murder , a bit of romance and the supernatural side in this plot

What that dragging noise? That dark figure ?
I did find parts of the story a bit creepy but exciting at the same time that just shows you what a fab author Hellen is.she knows how to hook you into the plot it just grips you . The story just constantly kept me on the edge of my seat

The characters are so strong and realistic the book held my imagination in some places it sent a chill down it
The mystery side so gripping too
The book so good Helen is a very talented writer that so good a pulling you into her plot it a book you can not put down
A book you all most read
4 dolls
Thank net galley for letting me read and review


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