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As good as it gets by fiona gibson

on February 23, 2015


As good as it gets by fiona gibson

The blurb

Charlotte Bristow is worried about her husband Will. With her 16-year-old daughter Rosie newly signed to a top modelling agency, and Will recently out of a job, things are changing in their household. As Will dusts down his old leather trousers and starts partying with their new, fun neighbours, Charlotte begins to wonder what on earth is going on. So when Fraser, Charlotte’s ex – and father of Rosie – suddenly arrives back on the scene, she starts to imagine what might have been…

What i say
What a lovely read it so warm and fun just what i needed after a few crime books this week again i loved the cover it just makes you to read it

The Bristow family are like your typical family next door with the usual day to day problems.

Dad Will is out of work, he loves to do all the meals he so good a making bread
mum Charlotte is trying to hold the family together as well as her job and looking after her two children just like all mums do she very down to earth i liked her a lot

Ollie i love him such a angel a very clever boy he did not sit in front of tv or a playstation all the time he like science i enjoy his character so much he was fun

I loved him and Rosie she was just a normal moody 16 year old girl the way they were was just most kids are together the humour was so funny

Rosie wanted to do modelling work but Charlotte was a little reluctant to let her go ahead with it. I would be too but she does and Rosie real dad back now wanting to see her how do they cope with this?

All the family were so different to each with there own ways and worries
The same as all family trying to live their life’s the best we can the pet rabbit brought a bit more fun into the story

I could feel Charlotte’s hurt and anger through her letters at the beginning of the book my heart when out to her i just want to hug her i like how the story was wrote the family worries, the redundancies were told so warmly you did feel you were part of this family all the characters you could relate to i did feel for the all
The story but across so well it funny , witty and emotional some of the comments made me smile and laugh The story did have some serious issues but they came across in light way
I enjoy fiona writing style it just flows and you flow with it
The characters are loveable just a typical family with lots of worries
I enjoy this fun book a great read
4 dolls ( 4 stars)
I like to thank net galley for letting me read and review


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