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Home for Christmas by Debbie Macomber

on March 1, 2015

"Loved this book who read it"

Home for Christmas by
Debbie Macomber

The blurb

A heartwarming new Christmas novel from Debbie Macomber, internationally bestselling author of Rose Harbor in Bloom, Blossom Street Brides and Starry Night.

Experience the true meaning of Christmas…

Jane Patterson thought her marriage to Cal would last forever until it suddenly came under threat. Jane has left, taking their children with her, but can she really leave Cal behind? Especially when all she hopes for is a reunion, just in time for Christmas…

On December 24th, a crowded train is taking holiday travellers home for Christmas. Then a snowstorm hits, leaving this group of strangers stranded. Now they must band together and as they do they’re reminded of what Christmas really means.

As most of you know by now i am a big fan of Debbie’s books . Her christmas ones are alway the first i pick up i just love them they are my must read books each year . I got to say i read most of her books she one of my favourite author
Do you like her books ?

This book is two story’s the first is called Return to promise
Jane is happy with her life she married to Cal she got two wonderful children .Paul is three and Mary Ann is eighteen months now . Jane a normal mum she all way doing the house work she so good with the kids she does it all for cal and the kids
Once day she gets a call to say her dad ill she got to go to stay with her mum for a while she takes the children with her Cal was ok with this or was he ? Do you think she should leave Cal ?

A lot of their friends are helping Cal out while Jane away cooking for him ect
Do you think he coping ? I say no his past has return to put a bit of a spanner in the works .

I did enjoy hearing about Cal pasted you will feel for him i did what should he do ? How should he be ?
Can Jane gave him the benefit of the doubt
Their marriage was not in trouble so why should it be now ? Cal not done any thing has he ?
You will have to read to see what you think

I think the book showed you just what people can do with what they say . You could see where it was going i just wanted to shout at Cal why could he not see what we all could see ?

The whole story was so easy to read you just get pulled into the plot i was gripped to see what was going to happen next

I did enjoy it all but i liked the second book better
Can this be christmas was a shorter tale i wished it was longer This plot just hooked me it was the 24 th of December and a very very bad snow storm hits and people on stranded on a train . Can they get home for christmas i hoped so .

We got a very different mix of people all with different personally
Which was nice
Len was going home to see his family he had a military life and was finding it hard to be apart from his family but this christmas he got to get home to Amy we get to hear all about his plans i hope he gets home his characters was so lovely he was a great guy he was so proud to serve his country

Nick , Kelly and their new baby Brittany were going home to see his family for the first time . Kelly a new mum she not coping well my heart well out to her
Nick he was not coping being on this train he was getting a bit mad but a what ?
We get to see a family pulling together in very hard times it was a very hard for them can they do it
The train has small children on it too it was just so good to read how the whole train pulled together to make this Christmas one to remember

It just shows you that we do not need big toys ect to make a day special this story all about us all working as one to make the best of what we got around us . It will make you think of your family it was so lovely to hear about each person and what we can do together how kind people can be in times of need just a lovely warm read
5 stars
A lovely christmas read



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