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why i blog ?

on March 3, 2015

Aj book review club's photo.


I do read about 4 to 5 books a week now

I love most books I enjoy crime , women”s fiction, thriller , chicklit and mystery  any book really  I enjoy all kinds

I may not be the best a writing that became  I am dyslectic

I have never let that stop me from doing things

my writing may not be stop on

my spelling may not always be right but I just love readings so much that why I do my blog .

my blog may not be word perfect but I hope you can understand it and enjoy reading it

in April my blog will be a year old I would to thank you all for reading it

I hope to in the next six months   to  grow a bit more and  do a few different post I like add more members to my Aj book review team

I do my blog not a personal journal so I can share my passion for the book I read and it a nice way of keeping track of the books i read to

i all so like to do my fact post i like looking thing up

i do my #Ajcoolcoverchallenge each Sunday because it helps me to plan what i going to read that week

my children book week are so fun to do i going to do each month now  you all see to like them

thank you for reading aj


15 responses to “why i blog ?

  1. Marigold says:

    You read so much! And I can understand you, maybe not every word but I can work it out. You’re so dedicated 🙂

  2. Marigold says:

    Reblogged this on Versus Blurb and commented:
    Why do you blog? Meet AJ, dedicated book-lover!

  3. Tanya Phillips says:

    A very heartfelt and inspiring post. You do not let you dyslexia stop you from sharing your passion. I have a dyslexic dad who never wrote my name until my early 30s. I’m so proud of what you achieve.

  4. rene says:

    Sometimes we find a passion in life that makes us so happy. My passion is writing for readers like you that love a great story! It’s such a pleasure knowing you!

  5. Suus says:

    Such a fantastic post! I love it <3. And you're fabulous, brave and really smart! I love your reviews as you always understand the stories so well, you know how to express perfectly what makes them great or not so great, so I often buy your recommendations straight away. A big hug for writing this post xxx

  6. Thank you suzanne i know u followed me from the start i so glad u like my book recommendation thank x

  7. What a lovely post AJ. Also great reasons to blog, I love to read your reviews and your thought process of the way you write them is great. My blog is one year old in April too. Celebrations are coming!!
    Amanda. xx

  8. Lucy Ends says:

    Great post, AJ. Looking forward to some blogiversary celebrations next month. 🙂 x

  9. Fantastic post, and brilliant reasons for blogging. You have a great attitude and love books..Yay! I’m a new follower 😀

  10. […] I had my own room in a salon but gave to work for a big cosmetic company which i did not enjoy doing Two I am dyslexic but i do not let this stop me from reading here a post i did on why i blog https://ajbookreviewclub.wordpress.com/2015/…/03/why-i-blog/ […]

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