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The unfortunate tale of hairboy and the horribles by sabastain gregory 5 STARS

on March 8, 2015

"Who read this it fab my review tomor on my blog"

The unfortunate tale of hairboy and the horribles by sabastain gregory
The blurb

A boy made of hair, a girl who finds a monster under her bed and takes it to school, triplets born with the faces of pigs, A boy who cannot die but rots away, a passed away Grandfather sharing the secrets of the dead, a lady who whispers from her home in the wall, a child trapped in a mirror…They are all here, join them if you dare.
Wow another fab book by this wonderful author when Sebastian ask to read his new book i could not wait as i loved all his other books he kind of creepy his writing style but i like that about him he just pulls you in to his tales
This book a absolutely great collection of poetry it will make you smile and laugh i just feel again that sebastian imagination just runs away with him it kind of wried and very deep but it a fun way

The boy made of hair was my favourite because as a kid my grandma had this horrible doll she made of hair it was like a corn kind of doll she made at collage when she was training to be a hairdresser i hated it
I like the way sabastion writes his description are so vivid i think it good the way he twisted some good old fashion fairy tales he just so clever with his word play
I like this book also a few poems from his other books and characters
The cover so good i like the black and white it just caught my attention it makes you want to read
I like the way this book portrays a dark jet strangely beautiful world of poems each one just takes you in that world he so good at creating the scene you can see and feel each character emotions it will just hooked you and it set off your own imagination
This book just sets Sebastian apart he just so unique i love his deep dark mind
It just a fun read
The whole family read now
Sophie was hooked she was laughing so much she then told my mum to read my mum said it was a different book for her but very well written she enjoy it
Sophie said it just caught her imagination she like the pig children so much it so wried but funny
Paul said it very well written pulls you in this world he said it make a great cartoon he like the different poems he wanted to see more images
Just a very good book of fun poems
I can not recommend this book enough or any of Sabastian book he just so different to any one else
one of my most read author
5 dolls ( 5 stars )

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