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The girl on the cliff by Lucinda Riley lynsey review

on March 12, 2015

"Tomorrow i doing a Lucinda Riley day on my blog her books are fab who read any ?"

The girl on the cliff by Lucinda Riley

Before Sunday i often thought historic fiction was not my thing as soon as a book caught my attention on the kindle store as soon as i read the blurb and i see say for example 1914 i would instantly put the book down.

Over the weekend there was a lot of chat on twitter about Lucinda Riley so on sunday wanting to know what everyone was talking about i brought The Girl on the Cliff.

I never turn my nose up at historic fiction anymore as in fact i loved this book and want to read more books in this genre as long as there is something other than romance in the book as i’m not the biggest romance lover but i loved The Girl on the cliff i loved the mystery surrounding the Lisle and the Ryan families and this kept me reading right till the end of the book.

I loved how Lucinda intertwined the past with the present and i loved Aurora narration to the readers marking the point of when we was going to change from past to present i think this made the book very unique.

I loved the character of Aurora i think she was beautifully written and she has been through so much in her early life she was far wiser than her age and possessed a sixth sense maybe she was an angel living amongst the other characters she was a very captivating character and she was stay with me long after this book.

I got emotional reading this book as its a brilliant, mysterious and a magical story that will stay with me for a long time and i urge everyone to read and hope like me they realise how incredible Lucinda Riley is.


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