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Samantha Hayes you Belong To Me

on March 18, 2015

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Samantha Hayes
You Belong To Me
Crime / thriller Lynsey on the case
The blurb
Fleeing the terrors of her former life, Isabel has left England, and at last is beginning to feel safe. Then a letter shatters her world, and she returns home determined not to let fear rule her life any more. But she’s unable to shake off the feeling that someone who knows her better than she knows herself may be following her. Watching. Waiting. Ready to step back into her life and take control all over again.

My view

This is the first book i have read by Sam and i aim to get no way out at the end of the month. I picked this book as i heard very good things about it.

I read you belong to me in one sitting as i once i got into the book i could not go to sleep until i knew what happened in this book. I found very disturbing, chilling and creepy book.

We start You belong to me with Isabella hiding from something in India she is found very easily and she receives a letter as a result of this letter she returns back to the UK.

The story is told from different characters point of view, the story at the start was abit slow but i know this was because of introduction to characters and setting scenes for the reader but the second half was a lot better.

What i think makes this book brilliant is the twist i never seen it coming in my head i do try to guess the ending but what Sam had install for the readers i never guessed this at all its one of the best twists i have read as it was just fantastic and well worth the read.


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