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Carlo the Mouse, Book 1: Too Many Rules for One Little Mouse by Mrs D

on March 26, 2015

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Carlo the Mouse, Book 1: Too Many Rules for One Little Mouse by Mrs D

Grab your boots and hold on to your hat, because you are in for an
exciting trip! The new series of Carlo the Mouse has been born.
TooMany Rules for One Little Mouse is the first in a series of book on carlo adventures

Each book will give readers an entertaining
look into the life of a little mouse born inside a hospital’s walls.
Clever, curious, and very impatient, Carlo the mouse dreams of the
world outside the hospital. His parents teach him how to follow
the rules and how to survive on his own, but Carlo’s insatiable
desire for adventure constantly gets him in trouble. Will the little
adventurer manage to survive when he leaves home? You’ll find out
in Mrs. D.’s next books on Carlo the mouse. Let your imagination
soar in this full series of Carlo’s adventures!

Carlo what a fun cute mouse he such a great character he would make a great film

i loved the illuminations they are so bright and colourful they seem to bring the characters alive they just seem to jump out they page at you

It a great fun read it nice to read with the children at bed time or a nice book for to read out aloud to you for them

Carlo so eager to explore i like the message this book tells why we have rules and why we should obey them
It will make you smile and laugh it just so much fun it has a few twist that will make your child think

The pictures are adorable and cute i fell in love with Carlo
It a very simple tale about rules by the end of the book Erin know the five rules and was telling me them

we when back to the picture and she made up her own story but with then rules in she said the food Carlo had eaten look nice we then talk about the food

so it a great way to capture children imagination and this fab book it did just that
It got good details in the story it will just hook you into the story
This book help children to see rules are they to keep them safe just a lovely fun book
We loves it so much
I would like to thank Mrs D for sending me her brilliant book to read and review

it fab so colourful and such a wonderful story i just loved this cute mouse

This book for slightly older children. However, the younger children love browsing through the pages of this colorful and fun book. It has fantastic illustrations,even babies adore. I have three grandsons ( 3, 1, and 1/2 years olds) and they love looking at the illustrations while I tell them a short version of this story. This book will be fine for 4 year old children if read to them. It is about the hospital mouse who always gets in the trouble because he is not following the rules his parents taught him. Just a fun read! I am planing to donate these series of books to the hospitals when I publish all 6 books. All stories are closely connected and it will be more fun to read them together. I hope I can accomplish it between 2015-16


YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUm0NPK5SHY


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