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on March 29, 2015

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Ms. Janice and Mr. Rob have vacationed in the seashore town of Duck in North Carolina for 10 years. Duck is a friendly place with sandy beaches where children and dogs romp to their hearts content. This year Lexi, a new addition to their dog family, will come too. But this vacation will be like no other and as the sun sets on the beach it promises to be a long night, one the family will never forget!


I read this book with Erin age 6 she seem to enjoy but then we came across a problem i tell you more when i talk about the illustrations in a second i did review this book on my kindle it just did not work on there
I tell you the good points first the story very good it very well written a great adventure erin did like
Lexi had a new home with Rob and Janie and their two older dogs they were call taz and Beaui they seem to have lots of fun together
One day it time for the family holiday as we say in the Uk to go to the beach
This is were the fun begin Lexi having so much fun he can run around chase the birds , make new friends with other pets on the beach
He makes friends with Rascal at night the go for a walk soon they realise that Lexi is missing they got to find him were he gone
It now a mad search to find him did they ? You got to read to see if they did

I sorry to say my main problem with this book was how the picture were spilt up in a very wried way

Aj book review club's photo.            Aj book review club's photo. THIS JUST DID NOT LOOK RIGHT

it just did not work may be it because i read my my kindle it spoilt the story Erin lost interest she gave up i also find the description were good but there was to much for the age group it was aim at
It a very good adventure a nice story i just did work on kindle it a lovely tale
I not going to gave any star because it hard to gave as just read wrong on kindle
Thank you netgalley for letting me review

About the Author
Janice Wills Kingsbury was a former teacher and School Psychologist in public education. She currently lives in New Jersey with her husband, Robert, and their rescue dogs. Janice spends part of her time in the Outer Banks, NC enjoying the beautiful beaches and natural surroundings.


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