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TANYA MONDAY REVIEW POST Fudge Berries and Frogs’ Knickers by Lynda Renham

on March 30, 2015

Aj book review club's photo.         Aj book review club's photo. TANYA MONDAY REVIEW POST Fudge Berries and Frogs’ Knickers by Lynda Renham Wow what a great catchy title this book has. I was looking forward to reading this book as soon as I heard the title. We are used to the normal rags to riches but this is the riches to rags story set in London. The story starts with Poppy Wellesley glancing at the television in a posh beauty parlour and seeing her Daddy Sir Rupert Wellesley being arrested for fraud. What a shock to the system. The consequence of this affects her whole lifestyle. Her fiancé and so called friends, all but Chelsea, no longer want anything to do with her. The shock even caused her body to come out in an awful rash that nothing seems to solve. How can she attend all the pre-Christmas social parties with red skin? Poppy is known to her friends as Truffles due to her passion for eating and making truffles. Of course her favourite brand is Harrods. She has never had to worry about money and has her own chauffer driven Bentley to take her to her the top restaurant and shops. She finds out when meeting her financial man Jeremy at the Ivy how bad things are. She is considering selling her designer clothes, shoes and handbags just to pay for basic living. The story continues with Poppy living on a house boat and having to get a job. This is awful for Poppy and she cannot bring herself to speak to the boat people as they are too far below her standard of normal living. As for the walk of shame no way was she doing that!!!! Thankfully Chelsea is there to support Truffles and does not allow the discrimination of others to affect her decision to continue the close friendship. Also Lord Balthazar Wyndham-Price more commonly known as Balls also continues to try and woo her and even finds himself in a few difficult situations as he stands up for her. The boat people are friendly and try to help Poppy feel at home and welcome her and Chelsea into their boats for chip suppers. Of course the handsome Taylor is a big favourite of mine and I like the mix up in what she thinks he does for a living and what he really does. As the reader you know that she has the wrong end of the stick and this makes it more fun. The instant sizzle between them is interesting and you just know that Poppy will have the opinion that there is no way that she will reduce her standards and be seen with a poor person. After all she has standards to live up to. You can’t help but like Chelsea and her way of looking at the positive of everything and her willingness to support Poppy through the difficult times she faces. Her comments like Frogs’ Knickers always managed to make me giggle especially in some of the situations that they managed to get themselves in. Ruby is great and a character I could associate with after all I like to shop in Primark and would have my nails done in a Market if we had one. My favourite part in the book was the walk of shame and the mishap that happened! This is one I can’t relate to as my husband does that when we are in the caravan. The book is worth reading but be aware there is a tongue in cheek attitude towards socialites and the fact that a normal person is not worth speaking to. As for a job what is one of those? I would like to thank suzanne and Lynda for sending me this book to read x Thank you Tanya a fab review x


One response to “TANYA MONDAY REVIEW POST Fudge Berries and Frogs’ Knickers by Lynda Renham

  1. Suze says:

    Such a lovely review!

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