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Kelly review for The Memory Book by Rowan Coleman

on April 4, 2015

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Kelly review
The Memory Book by Rowan Coleman

Claire Armstrong has early onset Alzheimer’s disease, which has been passed down to her genetically by her father. The story follows Claire, but also her husband Greg, her daughter Caitlin and her mother Grace. In order to help Claire remember all of the great memories that they have shared over the years, they start a memory book, where each of them can record their precious memories.

The book is divided into diary entries of the characters memories and it is also divided between Claire and Caitlin’s point of view. This show’s what living what living with AD is like for both the person suffering with the disease and what it is like for the family. You really feel for the characters and they seem to be so real. I loved all the characters, but for me Greg is an amazing character from the beginning to the very last page and I think he stole the show a little bit! Esther, Claire and Greg’s three year old daughter added a lot of cuteness to the book an she is just extremely lovable, but a little bit heartbreaking, because she doesn’t understand what is happening to her mother.

Alzheimer’s is a sensitive topic and Rowan Coleman has tackled it beautifully in this book. Everything she wrote was one hundred percent believable. I think everyone is affected by this disease in some way and I Rowan has really done it justice. If you are thinking about reading this book, do it! You are in for a treat,

Although this is a sensitive read, I found it to be thoroughly uplifting. It found myself happy and smiling as it ended, which is rare in books like this. I also cried a little throughout the book, with both sadness and happiness.

I received this book as a present from a friend and I can’t thank her enough for bringing Rowan’s beautiful writing into my life! This is the first Rowan Coleman book I’ve read, and I am straight onto Amazon to buy more! An absolute cracker of a read!

5/5 stars

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