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on April 11, 2015

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I really enjoy this book i have read most of her books now she one of my favourite author she just got a way of capturing my attention from the first few lines i like her writing style it so easy to follow it just a wonderful read

The book full of suspense and you just want to know the secret the family hold do we discover them ?

Riley grown up believing her sister Lisa ended her own life but twenty years later she finds out this may not be the case so what did happen?

Her father just died so Riley now got to sort his things out but soon Riley starts to uncover a few secrets what where they ? You can to read to see

I did find her and her brother Danny very intriguing they both just made me want to find out more about them i just wanted them to talk to each other more

Danny had a few problems and some mental health issues i wanted him to get more help he was injured in the war he made himself a recluse because of this i felt he was a hard character to connected with i felt he was struggling so much

Riley seem to cherish her memories of her father home her life was just build on lies she now was going to question everything she thought she know her family she found it hard to deal with my heart when out to her

This story just hooks you i find it very gripping and exciting it so well written i read in a day it had a fab mix of family life and mystery it works so well together you could feel all their anxiety and pain i just wanted to know more the story lines are so woven together you will not guess the outcome it shows you how secrets can impact people life’s

It a fantastic read it just so gripping i highly recommend it

5 dolls ( 5 stars)

About the Author
Diane Chamberlain is the bestselling author of numerous novels including Reflectionand Necessary Lies. Her storylines are often a combination of family drama, intrigue and suspense. She lives in Northern Carolina with her partner, photographer John Pagliuca, and her shelties, Keeper and Cole.


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