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on April 12, 2015

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What if you realized the book you were reading was all about you?

‘DISCLAIMER stealthily steals your attention and by the end holds you prisoner – a searing story that resonates long after the final page. The best thriller I’ve read this year’

Rosamund Lupton, bestselling author of Sister

When an intriguing novel appears on Catherine’s bedside table, she curls up in bed and begins to read.

But as she turns the pages she is sickened to realize the story will reveal her darkest secret.

A secret she thought no one else knew


WOW what a debut i am now so looking forward to Renee next book

This book has lots of twists and turns some are so clever i did not seen them coming did you?

I did like the characters but at the start i found them a bit hard to warm to but then i like them all by about half way

Catherine was a very good character she was so strong i liked how she deals with things she had a brilliant job in TV doing documentaries which i found very interesting to hear about i was not sure of her at the start

Robert her husband was in law they got a son that now grown up and he just starting his life he move out into his own flat life should be great now for them but is not

One day a book turns up next to her bed she start to read and she soon starts to think this book about her was it ? Was it packed with her secret she kept and the lies she keep for years now how did she cope ?

I found the story quite compelling a page turner the twists that keep going up are so stunning i did not see them did you ? I like how the secrets were coming to light one by one Renee did a brilliant job of keeping you guessing and wondering about her past what was she keeping back

I found it very through provoking the storyline was so packed with love , revenge , trust , obsession, family and loneliness it was just so gripping i like how the story was told the perspective of two different characters Catherine and Stephen both i felt were on a journey of discovery was that good or bad i was not sure but it hook me .The secrets remain well hidden tell near the end but i wanted to ask questions about some things

You can identify with the characters it so well written it a real page turner i liked the way you were pull into the story it a story that will stay with you after you read i keep thinking about the events going over them in my head i so wanted to ask more questions did you ?

What did you think of the end ?

It a excellent read i recommend it to you all a great thriller so intense you never know what going to come to light next just a brilliant debut novel by a very talented new author he writing style so easy to follow she got a way of pulling you into the plot from the first few lines

4 dolls (4 stars)

I would like to thank Alison Barrow for sending me a copy to review and netgalley too

About the Author
Renée Knight worked as a documentary-maker for the BBC before turning to writing. Disclaimer is her first novel.

She is married with two children.


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