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KELLY REVIEW Into The Night Sky by Caroline Finnerty

on April 19, 2015

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Into The Night Sky by Caroline Finnerty

The Blurb:
Conor Fahy, owner of a struggling bookshop, is finding it hard to cope in the aftermath of his partner Leni’s tragic death. His friend Ella Wilde tries to be supportive but is herself in a fragile mental state – she has just been axed from her job as a TV presenter, having been caught shoplifting.

Then eight-year-old Jack White walks into Conor’s bookshop and settles down on the floor to read. Jack likes Ben 10, Giant Jawbreakers and Ronaldo. He likes his dad (when he doesn’t shout) but he doesn’t like the bad bugs that are eating up his ma inside her tummy.

Conor listens to the talkative boy but finds it hard to piece together what is really happening in his life. He is particularly mystified by Jack’s intense resentment of a woman called Rachel Traynor, not realising that she is a social worker assigned to Jack’s case and that Jack’s fate hangs in the balance.

They must each learn the healing power of love, and the need to let the past go and turn to the future.

What I think:

Ella Wilde had three gorgeous daughters, a loving husband and a beautiful house. She is the presenter of a well known television show and is in the public eye. Her life couldn’t be more perfect to people on the outside looking in. But Ella is hiding a dark secret, a secret that sets off a chain reaction in her, and gives her an impulsive urge to shoplift. When she gets caught stealing a designer handbag and a very expensive diamond bracelet from a well know department store in Dublin, she finds her career is over and her life is hanging in the balance, as she deals with the consequences of her actions.

Meanwhile her friend, Conor Fahy, is struggling to keep his beloved bookshop open, as the recession is hitting him hard. He is also grieving for the loss of his darling wife Lena. But when the adorable, eight year old Jack comes into his shop one day, an unbelievable friendship is formed between the two characters, and it seems that fate has brought them together, to help them to cope through the tough times in their lives.

This story is heartbreakingly beautiful. Caroline Finnerty, has mastered these characters, so much, that I felt that they were real people that I actually knew. I genuienly care for these characters and I found that I had my breath held, while waiting to find out the outcome for these characters.

As the story progressed, there were more and more twist and turns thrown in that I really didn’t see coming. Each character had a story that just tugged and tugged at my heartstrings. I read this book over a twenty four period, and I found it incredibly difficult to put it down! If Caroline Finnerty was an artist, I think this would be her masterpiece, and I only hope that this book gets the recognition it deserves and more. I gaurantee you you’re going to love it. I thoroughly enjoyed every page of this book, and loved each character more than the next!

5/5 stars.


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